Morning Serenade

Before I open my sleepy eyes to the dawn’s first blush in the early morning hour, a beauitful refrain filters in through my open window.

The sweet melody of birds caroling awakens me, their cheerful greetings welcoming me to the new day, my heart fills with joy at the sound.

As I lay listening to the merry chorus, a light breeze comes in through the window, brushing against my bare skin.

Inhaling deeply I catch the fresh scent of a familiar fragrance mingling in the air, indiscernible to my newly awakening senses, but it soothes me and I sigh.

Dawn’s increasing light streams in, I feel the comforting warmth of the newly risen sun shining on my face, perceive it behind my closed eyelids.

But I am reluctant to open them.

For I wish to remain in this peaceful place, reveling in this morning serenade.

© Julie Rehnelt 2013



10 responses to “Morning Serenade

  1. What a beautiful poem Jewels, it sounds like a great place to be… I hope you’re well…x


  2. That is a description of Paradise, for someone who is conscious enough to enjoy it 🙂


    • Thanks Jan. I’m not necessarily a “morning person” but I definitely love those early morning hours before I’m fully conscious when my senses first begin to awake. 🙂


  3. Hi Julie, this is beautiful. I love the word ‘revelling’ – such a luxurious word and so fitting for being woken by such sounds. Lovely! xx


    • Hi Ruth, thank you so much! I too love the word reveling, and was glad to have it fit in so well with what I was feeling and trying to express. 🙂 I hope you’re doing well and that this upcoming week brings you beautiful things that you find yourself reveling in! x ♥


  4. Ah, those precious mornings! Thx for sharing!


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