Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

A Rare Visitor

When I woke up this morning and opened my shades, this is what I saw outside my bedroom window…


An albino squirrel!!!

I wasn’t quite awake yet and it was such a surprise to see it there, that I wasn’t sure it was real at first.   If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time you know that I already frequently find squirrels amidst my branches, but never an albino one!  I’m so glad I had my camera sitting right there so I could snap a couple photos of it.

I guess it found my tree a nice place to stop for a quick grooming…


And for staying low and being on the lookout…



I wish I could’ve got a better shot of its face (and pink eyes), but it was a fidgety little thing and wasn’t facing my direction most of the time.  I’m lucky to have gotten this somewhat blurry shot as it paused for only a second, and still being half asleep this was the best I could do…



 I’ve only seen an albino squirrel one other time in my life that I can remember, and I felt so privileged to have this rare little creature visit my tree.  ♥

I may go and read up a bit on them, as I think they’re quite uncommon.  Have you ever seen one?