What’s Going On in the Garden

I can’t seem to keep up with photographing and sharing about everything that is going on in my tiny garden lately because it changes daily, but I’m enjoying every minute of it and feeling so thankful that’s it’s all doing so well!

Since it’s raining this morning I thought I’d try and write an update.

I’ll share about the blooming things first…

It took a little longer than I expected for the buds to open, but my trumpet vine is blooming now and it’s so pretty!



And those “spindly” looking Stella de Oro lilies from the flower bed that I divided up and thought wouldn’t amount to much… well, they’re not so spindly after all, they’re lovely!  So bright and cheerful!



Another bright and cheerful bloomer is this yellow daisy.  At least I think it’s a variety of daisy, I planted it so long ago that neither my mom nor I can remember exactly what it is.  Either way, it’s a pretty yellow flower.  😀



Speaking of yellow flowers… my cucumbers are flowering.


And wrapping their tendrils around the trellis…


Since these photos were taken, I’ve noticed dozens of tiny little cukes forming on them now too!


My one zucchini plant has tons of yellow/orange flowers on it too, and is spreading out its giant “solar panels.”


There’s a lot going on underneath those giant leaves, and an abundance of fruits are developing.  I just picked this one the other day…



I’ve also been picking tons of green beans!  Oh, I’m so very pleased with my beans this year!


We steamed some and had them with dinner the other night, they were delicious!


We’ve also been eating up the peas.  There hasn’t been very many though so I’m a bit disappointed.  But we had such a weird spring weather-wise and then it got too warm too soon for them, so it’s not their fault.  😉  I’m entertaining the idea of doing a fall planting to see if I can get more, but I’ve never done that before so I don’t know how it would work out.  I took this photo one morning while they were still small when the sun was hitting them just right to see the little peas developing inside.  Cute, yummy little things!  ♥


Looking at them made me ponder about the things developing inside of us and how you catch glimpses of them when the Light reflects through us.  Me and constant metaphors hah!


Another thing we’re going to be eating soon are jalapenos.  These two are just about ready to pick…



The bell peppers are coming right along too, although it’ll be quite a while before they turn yellow…



My one little row of carrots is doing well and their greens are filling out more every day, but there sure aren’t very many of them.


  Oh well no matter, I’ll just appreciate and enjoy them all the more being that there are so few of them.  😉


Speaking of only a few ~ I’ve only got five tomatoes growing on my two plants.  Those few are growing very nicely though!



I’ve only gotten a few strawberries too.  I’ve been getting lots of blossoms, but the berries have all ended up being very wimpy.  I think the pot is maybe too small.


But that red pot certainly is bright and pretty with those dainty little white flowers!  😀


I guess that’s about it for now on what’s going on in the garden.  The rain has stopped so I’m going to head out there and check on everything after the thunderstorm we had earlier.  Hopefully it’s alright.


I’ll leave you with this…  The hosta are beginning to bloom and I snapped this the other day when I noticed their buds glistening with the last droplets of the morning dew as the sun was coming up…



Have a beautiful, blessed day!



~Gardening is my therapy~

9 responses to “What’s Going On in the Garden

  1. Wonderful images! Your garden looks lovely, with all those beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables! Thanks for taking the time to blog! 🙂


  2. I love seeing the veggies and fruits form! And those flowers are gorgeous. 🙂 Last year my tomato plant turned into a monster! I had about 40-50 tomatoes come off of it. It was great. I’m growing my first strawberry plant this year and something took the biggest strawberry! It didn’t have a chance to turn pink even. 😦


    • Oh my 40-50 tomatoes?! Nice! That’s quite a haul, what did you do with all of them? I would’ve been making up batches of my salsa with all of those! Sorry to hear about your stolen strawberry. 😦


  3. Yeah, this dry then wet now hot & humid cycle wasn’t easy on the peas! We got about 10 days of good stuff then the bugs came sniffing around. Sigh. Good luck with all those delish-looking veggies!!!


    • Yep, the peas are all but done now. I don’t have a very large area for growing many of them anyway, but it was extra slim pickins with this hot weather sapping them out before they could amount to much. The few we had were sweet and tasty though. 🙂 I might hit up the local farmer’s market this weekend to pick some up, maybe they had better luck than I did. Haha, do bugs “sniff?” 😉 Thanks so much Lori!


  4. Julie, Lovely to see how things are coming along. There’s just nothing like eating a bit of your own veg! The hosta picture is just excellent too. We currently have a mini heatwave – yipeee, after the winter here it is most welcome. Look forward to the next installment! Have a lovely weekend, much love, Ruth


    • Thanks Ruth! Yep, there’s something just so very rewarding about eating food you’ve grown yourself. Unfortunately, yesterday I discovered someone else is eating it too ~ those two lovely jalapenos I have been waiting with mouth watering anticipation to come ready to pick, were gone! 😦 The other day my mom and my daughter told me they’ve seen a woman out in my garden looking around a few times, and I believe she took them. She possibly would have taken a few other things too if I hadn’t already picked them the day before, but I was waiting just a bit longer before picking those peppers. It’s a long story of all that has transpired in regard to that, but I won’t go into it here, maybe I’ll share about it in a separate post if I feel up to reliving it all, but it’s been a rough couple of days here for me. Anyway, I’m off to the farmer’s market this morning to see if they have any peas since my pea crop was a bit lacking this year. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend there Ruth, and much love to you too!x


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