Daily Archives: August 8, 2013

Inspiration From a Sunflower

Basking in the warmth and the light of the sun

face turned upward with arms lifted high

reaching and also surrendering

waiting to bloom, longing to become…

© Julie Rehnelt 2013



I’m feeling a bit of inspiration from my sunflowers today.  😀  Earlier this spring when old man winter was just refusing to release us from its snowy grip, a friend of mine from Alabama sent me a little gardening care package to help raise my spirits.  One of the things in it was a packet of seeds for some giant sunflowers, and once spring finally arrived I planted a few of them behind the privacy fence panel next to the patio.

I’ve really been enjoying watching them grow, and they get taller every day.   Just yesterday I noticed that one of them is now easily clearing the top of the 6ft fence and a couple of them have nice big buds forming on them, so I went to take some photographs.  Which wasn’t an easy feat for me in being rather short, but I managed alright and think I got some nice shots.

Here are a couple others…




I absolutely adore sunflowers, while in bloom they are one of the most bright, cheerful flowers!  ♥  And I also love the fact that you can eat their seeds!  😀

One of the other things I love about sunflowers too is that their heads are always facing the direction of the sun.  As the sun crosses the sky and morning turns to evening, they turn in unison along with it.  The first photo after my poem was taken around high noon where as these last couple were in the morning.  You can clearly see that the head is tilted in the morning shots versus facing straight up at noon when the sun was directly above.  I know all flowers and plants do this, but it’s such an obvious shift of position with sunflowers, and I just think it’s neat.


Maybe we’d all grow better if we kept our faces looking upward and directed toward the sun…

Me and my metaphors…