Unfurl your lovely petals, open up your fragile heart

Bare your radiant soul and reveal the beauty that is within you…

© Julie Rehnelt 2013





12 responses to “Opening

  1. That’s a beautiful photo!


  2. That sunflower reminds me of you, Julie. Seriously. That’s how your spirit shines through your blogs. You may have your emotional struggles, but that’s simply because you believe things that aren’t true. When you identify and remove those ideas, you’ll look in the mirror and see what we see. A sunflower soul.


    • What an absolutely wonderful thing to hear, thank you so very much Yaz, you’ve officially made my day! I sincerely appreciate your kind and encouraging words, they spoke life and light straight to my heart today, thank you! ♥ You’re really quite intuitive, but I’m sure you already know that. 😉 Peace and Love to you, Yaz! xo!


  3. Beautiful! 🙂


  4. And then the heart of the sunflower turns into a huge offering of seeds gratefully accepted by all kinds of wildlife, Beauty & food, what a powerful flower, huh? Thanks for sharing the lovely poem & photo!!!


    • Indeed it is a wonderful plant! And one we can learn from ~ may the “seeds” created from within our own hearts impart the same, providing sustenance to the lives of those around us. (Sorry, my metaphors always seem to abound ;)) Anyway, I adore sunflowers! Thanks so much, Lori!


  5. It’s a beautiful picture!!


  6. Just brilliant Julie! The sunflower I’ve been waiting for and longing for. Even better, alongside such poignant words. ‘Fragile heart’ – in my experience, it’s the best and deepest people that have one of those. Much love to you xx


    • Thank you Ruth! It’s completely opened now, but its head is so big that it has flopped over and is looking droopy, so I’m glad I took this shot when the petals were first unfurling. There are a few others out there yet to bloom, so I hope to capture a picture of one of those completely opened, but if they end up being just as large, the same thing might happen. I won’t get the giant variety next year as it’s rather depressing seeing such a bright, lovely thing all bent over like that. 😦 Hmmm… on that note, I sense yet another metaphor brewing in the back of my mind…
      Much love to you too, Ruth. ♥ Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.x


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