Feeling Buggy

Those who know me well know how much I dislike bugs.  Some bugs bug me more than others (spiders for instance, completely freak me out!), but basically anything within the realm of insects pretty much gives me the creeps.  As an avid gardener you can probably imagine how my fear of bugs could mess with my sense of peace and bliss while out tending to my garden, and sometimes it does.  But at the same time, I also think bugs are kinda cool.  Even though they creep me out (and I very much prefer them to remain at a distance), I still have a respectful appreciation for them that seems to be just a natural extension of my wonder and love of nature that carries over.  Because in the end I have to admit that the complexity, intricacy, and variety of bugs really is quite fascinating, and I truly am amazed at how they (and everything in nature) fits/works together so perfectly.

Throughout the summer while I’ve been out in the garden, or out visiting various nature areas, I have taken some random pictures of bugs here and there and thought I’d share a few…

Most recently I came upon this grasshopper while I was watering some of my potted plants out on the patio.  It startled the crap out of me as it propelled itself out from the pot to escape the spray of the hose.  I took this picture as it spent a few moments drying off on the fence before hopping away…


Yes, please do hop away.  I’m not a huge fan of grasshoppers, especially within the vicinity of my garden, as they can do quite a bit of damage.  But they serve their purpose in nature, and are even used as a source of food in some cultures.  No offense but… Bleck!


One morning as I was sitting out on the patio having my coffee I kept hearing a quiet little buzzing sound coming from the bouquet of phlox I had in a vase on the table next to me.  It was this tiny little hoverfly…


  I must say, I didn’t mind having this little visitor join me for a morning drink at all.  🙂


Another type of “fly” ~  I snapped this photo of a dragonfly while I was at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary with my daughter on my birthday.  It’s not the greatest capture, but I thought it was worth showing.  Its wings were so translucent, they were nearly invisible, I’m surprised they even showed up in the picture…


It’s amazing to me that this creature can fly with such delicate, fragile wings.


I took this next bugshot at Three Rivers Park while I was out one day taking pictures with a friend of mine.  She had been there previously and had photographed a “cool blue bug” that she saw there, but when she downloaded her pictures she found that they were all blurry, so I went with her so she could try again, and of course brought my own camera along as well.  😀  This was the blue bug.  I have no idea what kind of bug it is, but it had really cool, beautiful iridescent blue wings that looked so pretty against the pink milkweed!  I really love this combination of soft colors.  Because of my fear of wood ticks, I was not willing to venture into the brush for a closer shot, so this was the best I could do with my humble zoom…


My fearless friend however, did go in for a closer look and got an awesome capture that I think she plans to enter into a photo contest being held by the park.  Hope she wins!  😀


This is another picture I snapped while at Three Rivers.  I don’t know what kind of bug this one is either, but its color sure blends in well with the flower it chose to investigate.  Think that’s on purpose?  😉



Lastly, here’s a fuzzy bumble bee feasting on some wild bergamot.  I had the hardest time here trying to catch a decent photo, I’m embarrassed to admit how many attempts it took, and I’m still not all that pleased with what I ended up with.  The bees were just so busy and wouldn’t stay still on any one bloom for more that a split second, I’m lucky I got one at all.  Busy bees…  😉



You know… looking at most of these photos, being set amidst a backdrop of lovely flowers… the bugs don’t seem so creepy after all.

But of course these bugs are all outside, it’s when they come inside that I really get to “feeling buggy.”  😉

6 responses to “Feeling Buggy

  1. Perfect! Its refreshing to see someone taking the time to not only notice nature, but to find beauty in it as well. Thank you for the post!


  2. Bugs are brilliant! Thanks for sharing the pics. I used to hate insects, but this summer I have learnt to love them. I especially love the ‘three amigos’, 3 cabbage white butterflies who seem to be friends, and come every day to dance around the butterfly bush in my garden


    • Ah I bet those white butterflies are a delight to see! Cute how you dubbed them the “three amigos.” 🙂 I haven’t been seeing many butterflies around lately, not in my garden or even at the nature centers, I’m not sure why that is. I miss them, enjoy yours for me…


  3. You Photos are truly amazing not to mention very good as well !!


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