Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

Autumn in the Air

There’s a hint of autumn in the air this morning and it gives me such a cozy feeling.  I’m sitting here with a warm cup of coffee and my cat grooming herself beside me on the couch in my room, debating whether or not to light a candle to add to the mood.  Vanilla or spice scented would be nice, I think.

The sky is a bit cloudier than I would prefer, but the sun is forecast to come out later, and you know I’ll be out there soaking it up once it does.  😀   As much of a fan of summer that I am, enjoying all things growing and alive, I love autumn more than any other season.  Oh how adore it!  ♥  All of my senses come alive and I’m filled with such awe and gratitude.

Of course, I’m sure there’s still quite a bit of warm summer temps in store for us here (well maybe not ~ with how strange the weather has been this year, it could snow tomorrow, it better not!),  but I am enjoying this cooler weather today, and I can’t wait for autumn!

For it means…

Warm cozy bonfires…


A brilliant kaleidoscope of glorious colors…


Festive apple orchards…


And Renfest!


Omygosh I can’t wait!


I was emailing with a friend the other day and she mentioned how interesting it is how we “crave the changing of the seasons as they draw closer,” and it’s so true!

However…  I don’t think I ever really find myself quite “craving” winter.   Although I do enjoy the warm comfy clothes.  😉