Summer Evening Nectar

I captured this lovely shot last evening while I was sitting out on the patio with my sister after a bike ride, and I really adore the way it turned out!  ♥


This bumble was quite large, and right before I snapped that photo, it had just latched onto a grasshopper that was in its way and moved it around to the backside of the flower…


It’s a one-legged grasshopper that I’ve been seeing hanging around the patio for the  past several days, and I just thought it was so amazing that the bee did that!


While over on this other sunflower however, the big bumble wasn’t as pushy (probably because this particular sunflower is further developed and provided more feeding areas) and it was willing to share its summer evening meal of nectar with a honey bee…



All sorts of different types of bees having been visiting my sunflowers (and I’ve really been enjoying watching them and trying to photograph them!)  Here is a shot I took a bit earlier in the day of an interesting looking bee with a green upper body and head…


 How odd, I’ve never seen anything like it before!


I have several more pictures that turned out quite nicely too, but I’ll spare you from looking at them all.  After all… how many photos of bees on sunflowers photos does one need to see?  😉

Well maybe just one more…



I used my mom’s camera to take these shots as my sunflowers are like 10 feet tall and her camera has a better zoom than mine.  I’m really delighted by the way they all turned out, so I may need to see about using it more often, hopefully she won’t mind…

17 responses to “Summer Evening Nectar

  1. Jan's bulletin board

    Beautiful pictures! Love the rich blue and yellow colours!


  2. Very lovely! I’ve never seen a green bee like that either. I was hoping to get some pictures of my sunflower but my squirrels shredded the blooms!


    • Thanks Trisha! Yeah, that green bee really is an odd little thing, I may have to try and find out what kind of bee it is. So sorry again to hear about those naughty squirrels! 😦 If you noticed, the top of one of mine was nibbled a bit too, I’m sure that was a squirrel’s work. Glad it hasn’t done any further damage, the little bugger!


  3. Very stunning photos !


  4. Wow, Julie. The things we focus on really speak of who WE are. This tells me how you feed others with your own sunshine, and how you are so willing to love and to share. I hope you are learning of your intrinsic value through all of this. I see it, and I hope you do too.


    • Yaz, you’re always such a wonderful encouragement to me, thank you so very much! ♥ I would really like to think that others are/could be fed by something I may have to share, and I definitely love the idea of spreading my “own sunshine” and love! 😀 My sunflowers certainly have given me so much joy this summer and if I can truly spread even just a bit of that joy to others through my photos, that makes me a very happy girl. Have a wonderful weekend Yaz, and thank you again so much for your kind words! Peace and love to you!


  5. I think these are the best yet 🙂


  6. I’ve been looking at all of the different bees lately too. It’s just amazing how many different ones there are. It’s even more amazing to have seen the bee move the grasshopper! Also, I’m really loving that first photo. The light hits the bee’s wings just right where you can see all the details.


    • I know right?! It really was something to have that bee move that grasshopper out of its way, especially considering that the grasshopper was triple the bee’s size! Thank you Gabby, I really love the lighting and the way it shows the detail of the bee’s wings in that photo too! 😀


  7. A real worker bee, huh? 😉 Thx for sharing the story–bees never cease to amaze!!!


  8. Just superb shots. Those wonderful sunflowers and bees – perfect combination, just excellent Julie. Thanks for sharing that vibrant yellow – gorgeous! xx


    • Thanks Ruth! Sunflowers really are so very cheerful and bright aren’t they? I adore them so much! I’m not a huge fan of bees though, well, it’s the wasps I really don’t like. I was stung just the other day, twice, by a beastly wasp who had apparently attached to my dress while I was outside and followed me into the house. I’ve never been stung by a wasp before and had a horrible reaction, very painful. 😦 I do like the bumbles though, so fuzzy and cute, and I know how good/important they are for the garden. I have really enjoyed watching them on my sunflowers! x 🙂


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