A Leaf With Legs

On the quiet evenings of late summer, you can hear their urgent calls

beckoning a lover for the night as the darkness falls.

© Julie Rehnelt 2013



I love listening to the sounds of nature at night.  When I lived out in the country I fell asleep each night to the serenade of frogs singing, in the trees, in our pond, such a peaceful lullaby.  But being back here living in the inner city, I don’t often hear those gentle sounds at night, instead I hear traffic, people, loud music booming with a heavy bass…  It’s a whole different vibe.  But I’m learning to adjust.  And when I’m feeling particularly nostalgic for those peaceful country sounds, I set the sound machine that I have next to my bed to “summer night” which seems to do the trick.

Lately, when I go outside in the evenings with my daughter so she can let her dog out for his last potty duty (doodie hah!), we have been hearing the sound of a certain insect.  Out in the country, all the insect sounds at night tend to sorta run together, so we weren’t sure which insect this sound was coming from.

Then the other day we were cleaning out the garage in preparation for a garage sale (that is a year overdue!), we saw this “leaf” moving amidst the plants out on the patio…


Seriously look at it, it looks just like a leaf!  Hence my title “A Leaf With Legs.”  Can you see it?  What great camouflage!

I love it that even in our busyness of cleaning out the garage, the wonder of nature still managed to catch our attention.  ♥


I Googled it, and discovered it’s a Katydid.  And then I went on YouTube and looked up what Katydid’s sound like and sure enough that was the sound we’ve been hearing out there.  Fun to finally find out who was responsible for it…

Here’s what they sound like…

Not the prettiest sound, I know ~ especially not for falling asleep to.  And it certainly wouldn’t attract me if I was looking for a potential mate, but then again… I’m not a bug.   😉


And here’s a video that tells a little bit more about them…

I’ve said it before, but nature is so cool me!


And here’s one more video.  I subscribe to this user on YouTube and it was fun to find that he had a Katydid video.  There’s some foul language in it, so be aware, but I find it hilarious.  Maybe I have a weird sense of humor…

“Mm there is no such creature, dragons, dragons don’t exist, they’re not real.”

But leaves with legs are!  😉


And they’re pretty cool…




10 responses to “A Leaf With Legs

  1. Hi Julie! I’ve never seen a katydid before! I wasn’t sure what I was looking at in your photo until I saw the video. The annoying sound it makes is quite familiar, though I am amazed by its counting. It was an eye-opener to see the video…it really does blend in with plant life. Wow. Thanks for such a lovely post!


    • Hi Yaz! 🙂 I’ve never seen one before either, and I’m surprised I even saw this one, they really do blend in with their surroundings, as you mentioned ~ you weren’t sure what you were looking at in the photo until you saw the video. Haha yeah their sound is rather annoying, certainly not one of the prettiest or most relaxing sounds found in nature, for sure! 😉


  2. Haha! Julie, you crack me up. I hope I never take life too seriously to laugh at a doodie pun 🙂


  3. Hey, you’re better than Wikipedia!!! 😉 Took a pic of this unknown insect yesterday morning (also saw it last night hanging out near the porchlight) but before I could look it up, read your post & got the whole story. Thanks for sharing & yes, they are very cool!!!


  4. That truly is a leaf with legs – so hard to spot, I really had to look hard! So lovely to learn these new things from you Julie. 🙂 xx


    • I think it’s such a cool bug, and I don’t even like bugs! 😉 I learned new things myself in exploring online about the Katydid, their camouflaging ability is so amazing, nature is so amazing!x


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