Tree Star Wishes

“Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Oops… that’s for wishing on a different kind of star.

Let me try this again…

Tree Star abiding in branches up high, your bright autumn color catches my eye. 

As you grace the boughs of this beautiful tree, please grant these three autumn wishes to me…

 For trees lit with radiant colorful hues, a feast for my hungry eyes to consume.

For crisp autumn days,  alive with the sun’s golden rays.

And for clear starry nights, warmed by a bonfire’s cozy light.

© Julie Rehnelt 2013

DSCF1862a ~

I know this is rather silly, and I don’t in actuality go walking around wishing upon the leaves in the trees, but the shot of this leaf just reminded me so much of a star that I started hearing that old nursery rhyme in my head, and then my brain came up with a poem about making autumn wishes on a tree star.  Silly how the mind works.  Silly how mine works anyway…

May all your wishes (be they autumn related or otherwise) be granted today.

Peace & Love…


6 responses to “Tree Star Wishes

  1. Beautiful photo, Julie–the leaf does look like a star! 🙂


    • Thanks so much Nancy, I’m glad you like it! I really love the way it turned out with the lighting behind it right in the center of the leaf. For me, that gave it even more of a star looking effect. 🙂


  2. I don’t mind wishing on a tree star…great idea!


    • Well, I don’t know how much power they have in them, so far my tree star wishes haven’t been granted, it’s been cold and rainy ever since. But the leaves, they are a changin’ and once we get a break from this rain, I’ll be out there getting an eyeful! 😀


  3. Lovely Julie, Autumn is magical with all of its colours. We have a Shumac our right now – all wonderful and red: just beautiful. Good to be catching up on your posts Julie. Hope you are having a good week. Love to you from Ruth xx


    • Thanks Ruth, Autumn truly is is magical time to me. I already love trees and when I see them all decked out in all the brilliant autumn colors it really affects something deep inside of me, I can’t explain it. I’m such a weirdo. 😉 It’s so good to see you here Ruth, I hope you’re doing alright.x My week has been a bit stressful so far, as I’m trying to put together a garage sale here before winter and it’s been very physically taxing on me. But I am getting little moments here and there to soak in the beautiful autumn season, and that lifts my spirits immensely. I was out running a few rather mundane errands yesterday and I purposely brought my camera along, knowing I’d see something beautiful along the way and would wish I’d had it with me, and sure enough, I came upon a lovely field of yellow flowers and got out to take pictures. It was a lovely scene. I have yet to go through them all, but I think I got a few nice captures, it was a bit windy out. Anyway, I feel it’s so important to always try to be aware of the beauty around us, beauty can be found even among the mundane duties of everyday life. Much love to you, Ruth.xx


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