Garden Update

We’ve had a few pretty chilly days here recently, a clear indication that the green and growing things are coming to an end, but my tiny garden is still hanging in there.  Here’s a little update…

My peppers are doing fan-freaking-tastic and producing away like champs! Keeping life spicy.  😉



And although my yellow bell peppers are not turning yellow, I’ve still been enjoying them green, and there are tons of them of them out there!



I’m sure nothing will come from them at this point in the season, but my tomato plants are still flowering…



I harvested one of my last two remaining celery bundles the other day, and even though they’re a bit spindly and a little more bitter than I’d like them to be, we chopped some up and put it in a salad and it tasted great!



Oh, and my little red strawberry pot ~ still doing its thing! ♥


Is it just me, or are strawberries one of the most delightful and cheerful little fruits?!  😀


My herbs are all doing really well.  I’ve let most of them go to bloom now, and my pineapple sage is so pretty…



  Other things are blooming out there too, like the hydrangea I bought for my mom this past spring.  I have yet to put it in the ground though, because it got too hot too quickly outside for planting, so I left it in its pot until fall.  Well, it’s most definitely fall now, so I better get it planted before it snows.  October is not unheard of for having snowfall here in Minnesota, and with the weird weather we’ve had this year, it could snow tomorrow.  But lets not go there just yet, lets stay in the moment and enjoy the beautiful blooming things at present.  Look at this gorgeous color…


It will be interesting to see what the color does once I get it in the ground because this particular variety changes color depending on how acidic or alkaline the soil is.

Just look at how the spent blooms become a completely different color…


Still quite lovely, in my opinion.


The bees are still busy out there gathering nectar like their lives depend on it.  Which I suppose they actually do.  😉  I snapped this photo of our dog Teddy when he took some time to “stop and smell the roses” er um I mean marigolds, and we were afraid the bumble bee who was there might sting his little nose, but thankfully it didn’t.  So cute, looks like they’re saying hello…


And not only the bees, but the tiny hoverflies are busy out there too, I captured this one visiting my Alyssum that I have in a pot on the patio…



The squirrels are busy as well.  I’ve seen this little guy scurrying around all over the place, digging frantically in search of buried treasure.


And then munching on his treasures amidst the branches of my tree…


Aside from a few instances, I’m so glad the squirrels haven’t been a problem in my garden this year.  Although, they did completely obliterate my sunflowers as they began producing seeds, but for some reason I didn’t really mind.  Hey, as long as they leave my veggies alone.


Speaking of leaving, let me leave you with this…


Pumpkin!  ♥  I adore pumpkins!



~Gardening is my therapy~

Peace and love…

And pumpkins!  😉

10 responses to “Garden Update

  1. I enjoy my squirrels tremendously. That could be quite a tip about the sunflower seeds. *makes note to plant sunflowers for squirrels*
    Your pictures are lovely!


  2. Everything looks so healthy. You’ve always had a green thumb. Its so nice you can enjoy everything so late into the season.


    • I don’t know if my thumb is green, if it’s just luck, or the fact that I have a lot of time to putz around tending to everything, but thanks Cher! 🙂 The weather sure has been a challenge this growing season though, I’ve felt so discombobulated as what to do in the garden, or when. I keep thinking winter is coming “the sky is falling” but then we have these gorgeous sunny days and I think hey maybe we’ll get an extended fall like we did in 2011, gosh that was wonderful! It was well into November and the weather was still warm and the trees were glorious! I’m really hoping the nice weather holds out this year because I’m busy over here trying to put a garage sale together before it snows…


  3. HI Jewels. Your garden looks like it has been amazing for you this year. We haven’t got squirrels here, so I am completely sucked in by how cute they are. It is hard to see them as pest, but I imagine they could do some real damage in allowed to run riot in a veggie garden.
    Enjoy your fall.
    Cheers Sarah : o )


    • Hi Sarah 🙂 Thanks so much, my garden really has been wonderful this year. Haha yes, squirrels are such adorable little things, but they can also be frustrating and do quite a bit of damage, I’m thankful they haven’t been a problem for my veggies this year, as I much prefer to enjoy their cuteness. 😉


  4. You’ve still got a good bit going on Julie! Saw a tiny squirrel here yesterday, romping about… sniffing out some of the newly planted hyacinth bulbs I bet… 🙂


    • Thanks Ruth, and I am enjoying it as much as I can while it lasts. Oh yes the squirrels really do love those fresh bulbs, naughty little critters! But so darn cute!x


  5. These are great photos… quite the gardener you are…


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