I just finished watching this interesting documentary and had to share it.  It is well worth the watch.  I happened upon it through a daily email newsletter I subscribe to from, a natural health information website.

The title of the email caught my attention because it said “How to have thinner blood and lower inflammation,” and if you read my post from yesterday you know I’m having a few health concerns about some heart palpitations I’ve been experiencing over the past week.

But once I clicked the link and started reading I got much more than I bargained for!  Click <here> to read this interesting article by Dr. Mercola where he writes about a few of the health benefits of “Grounding” or “Earthing,” including helping to relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, thin your blood, and enhance well-being.

And definitely take the time to watch this documentary…


Being such a nature freak, all of this was right “up my alley” and I fully intend on going outside as soon as I click “Publish” to go and walk barefoot in my garden ~ even though it’s only 40 degrees out today!  😀

Here’s to good health!  Peace and love…

9 responses to “Grounded

  1. Thanks Julie, I’ll take a look today.


    • I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it, Yaz. I did go and walk barefoot in my garden a few times yesterday, it was pretty darn nippy out there and my toes got cold, but it felt great. And although I didn’t notice anything different in my physical condition, it certainly lifted my spirits, and that definitely counts for something! 😉


  2. I just watched the video and I must say, it makes complete sense to me. I dunno about plugging my sheets into the wall, but every human ought to know by now how good the earth feels underfoot, be it grass or sand. If it feels so good, imagine what it actually does!
    Thanks for that!


    • I was getting a good amount of grief and teasing about it from a friend of mine who thought the whole idea of it was ridiculous, but I said “heck, we all come from the earth, so it stands to reason that we could possibly benefit from walking around barefoot upon it.” I want to hear more of the scientific aspects of it all, that really fascinates me, but either way I think it’s an interesting idea. I did in fact go out and walk around barefoot in my garden yesterday, my tootsies got quite cold, but it felt great and definitely improved my spirits (as being out in nature always does), even if I didn’t notice any change in my immediate physical condition. I plan to go out there again today and it’s even colder out and raining. Hah! I wonder what the plug in sheets are all about and what it was that the guy was giving to all the towns people in the brown bag in the video. I may need to do some investigating later…


      • I found it fascinating. I think we should do what feels good. People like you and I have known for a long time that nature just makes us feel good.
        I would love to run the plant experiment. I do believe it’s all about the ground outlet and a cord that plugs into it…I think that’s what was in the bag, the little pads for feet.


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  4. I like to reset myself by getting outside as much as possible. Ducks (and dogs, for that matter) keep ya grounded!!! Feel better soon!


  5. This was a lovely video, Julie, and I really thought deeply about our interconnectedness with the earth and with each other. I find lying on the earth to be energizing, and I also feel more peaceful when I sit for long periods of time. I can’t say that it is a cure-all though. I felt that this film-maker was doing a hard-sell for his appliances which really are not necessary. We just have to get out there more, in our bare feet, touching trees, digging soil, smelling flowers, walking. Even if it is cold, we can walk with boots and clothes on and still get the benefits. Interconnection is a state of mind and that is what heals. To go out and tune in with nature and know that we are part of each other is what does it. We can’t exist without each other. Walk and think about it, and you will see your health issues improve because you’ll feel less alone.

    Thanks for a lovely referral, Julie. It was time well spent.


    • Hi Yaz, for some reason this comment of yours went into my spam and I’m not sure why, but anyway, I’m so glad you enjoyed the video ~ or the thoughts it evoked, it did the same for me. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch it and sharing your feedback. I agree with you completely. And whether or not there’s anything to this “grounding” thing, being out in nature is and will always be something that truly inspires me and makes me feel connected, to God, to others, to the earth, and to everything else that exists. And it’s something that always makes me feel better. 🙂 Hope you are well there Yaz, sending peace and love your way…


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