Pumpkin Eyes


Our cat Sugar is such a curious little kitty and always has to be smack dab in the middle of things whenever there’s any action going on.  Last night while we were carving pumpkins she hopped up onto a chair so she could get a closer look at what we were doing.   She looked so cute sitting there that I wanted to snap a picture of her.  Well, much to my amusement the “red-eye” effect from the flash turned her eyes orange.  Just like the pumpkin guts!  Haha perfect!  And kinda spooky.  Now that’s really getting into the spirit of things!   😉


Oh and incidentally, I carved out a cat on my pumpkin…




But lest you be inclined to compliment my expert pumpkin carving abilities… not my artwork, I cheated and used a pattern.  😉



Peace & love…

And happy Halloween!  😀

10 responses to “Pumpkin Eyes

  1. HUGE #catlover here … I LOVE THIS post! Great to follow your shares on wordpress! Bren


  2. Sugar is so cute! She reminds me of a cat I used to have, only she’s way cuter. Love the pumpkin! I still haven’t carved mine.


    • Thanks Trisha, Sugar is not only cute, but she has the greatest personality too, I absolutely adore her! That cat design on my pumpkin didn’t hold up very well, the cat part was already sinking backward into the inside of the pumpkin when I went to light it up for the trick-or-treaters. Ordinarily we don’t carve them until Halloween, but we were anxious and in the mood so we did it the day before, guess that wasn’t such a great idea. 😉 Did you end up getting your pumpkin carved last night?


  3. How adorable! Thanks for the like and visit to my blog. I hope you will return again soon and often. . . . namaste. . . .


  4. LOL, I love the picture of Sugar with pumpkin eyes!! And WOW, what a fantastic pumpkin! Well done Julie!


    • Thanks Calee, it was so fun that her eyes turned out that way, it seemed so fitting! In all honesty, I did increase the saturation on that photo just a tad to intensify the colors a bit, but only a little. And I can only take partial credit for the pumpkin carving, because as I said, I used a pattern, but thanks! 😀


  5. WOW! Her eyes are really glowing!


    • Haha yep they were! The room was dim so I had to use the flash, but I’m not sure why they turned out orange, maybe because of the reflection off the pumpkin? Either way it looks pretty festive! 😀


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