Sunrise Through a Forest Made of Frost

It was such a beautiful, crisp sunrise this morning.  ♥  I loved how the frost on my bedroom window looked like trees springing up in a wintry forest…



Stay cozy!

Peace & Love…


19 responses to “Sunrise Through a Forest Made of Frost

  1. Now all you need is a nice hot bowl of (homemade) soup!


  2. Julie, this is beautiful! You have such a good eye for taking pictures 🙂


  3. Wow, that’s a lovely shot, the frost was so beautiful this morning and that’s such a striking image.


  4. Gorgeous picture, I really love how you used the sun coming through the frost.


    • Thanks Charlie! I snapped a succession of shots of these frost “trees” as the sun was coming up, trying to catch one just as the bright dot of the sun was in the exact place I wanted it to give the effect I was looking for. I only wish I had a nicer camera with which to fully capture it with. And it would have been helpful if my windows were a bit cleaner/clearer too. 😉


  5. Stunning we had our first frost today in the UK where I live I always think it looks magical.


    • There definitely is something magical about the first frost. Now that it has arrived where you are… stay warm over there torchgirl! And take some pictures of it with that wonderful new lens of yours. 🙂


  6. So beautiful! I absolutely love frost. I’ve always thought it magical.


    • Thanks Trisha! I’m not a fan of cold weather, although I do like the other cozy things that come along with it. 😉 And I love frost, especially hoarfrost, it’s so pretty!


  7. Lovely!
    I read something the other day about a writing prompt for bedroom windows. I felt sad that I hadn’t read it when the Ash tree was in its most glorious stage. But maybe soon, it will be iced over for a photo op.
    Your pictures are always so good!


    • Thanks Joey! I have three windows in my bedroom that all face toward the east, and if I’m up early in the mornings I get to enjoy watching the sun come up over the rooftops; it’s especially lovely in the winter time when my tree’s branches are laden with snow. ♥ And thanks for saying my pictures “are always so good.” I sincerely appreciate that! I always hope to try and convey some of the beauty of what I’m seeing and feeling when I take pictures. I don’t have a very fancy camera, just a basic point and shoot type, so I’m always happy when my pictures turn out nicely. 😀


  8. Thanks for sharing, Julie! I’ve never seen this before – a “frost forrest”. You have a good eye for capturing what most people overlook. It’s 84 F here today in Miami – enjoy the cooler temps! 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Sandy! Ew 84?! Anything over 80 is too warm. 😉 Actually, I would love to visit Miami sometime, it sounds beautiful and flowery. Nice to see you here Sandy, it’s been a while, hope all is well. 😀


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