Let Go


Let go of your sorrow, let go of your hurt

let go of your aloneness and sense of low worth


Let go of your inhibitions, let go of your fears

let go of the familiar, and how safe it appears


Let yourself go, to fly free on the wind

it’s a time of new beginning, this isn’t the end.

© Julie Rehnelt 2013



Peace & Love…


7 responses to “Let Go

  1. Nice rhyme … like it..
    You might also like
    http://keyisinspiration.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/how-my-love-story-ended/ Nice photography as well 😀


  2. Beautiful! I will have to come back and read this when I’m having a hard time with change.


    • Thanks Trisha! I hope your week is off to a good start so far. I’m about to “let go” in a little while to head out to the most dreaded place ~ the mall. 😉 And not just any mall THE Mall of America. Oh how I loath it, but thankfully I’m not going there to shop, my daughter has it in mind to go there and look at all the Christmas decorations, so that should be festive and fun. 🙂


  3. Love it Love it Love it…


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