Fresh Snow


Fresh fallen snow, fluffy and light

all nature rests under a blanket of white.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014



Everyone around here is about fed up with winter by now, but my spring fever doesn’t usually kick in until mid February, so I’m still enjoying the lovely snow.

And waking up to freshly fallen snow is especially wonderful.  Something about it awakens my inner child and fills me with a magical feeling.  While the grown-up in me groans at the cold and dreads the responsibilities that come along with the snow, the child in me is delighted and filled with a sense of wonder, makes me want to go out and build a snowman.

After taking care of a few chores and running some errands, if the snow is sticky enough, I may do just that.  😀

Stay cozy, my friends!

Peace & Love…

16 responses to “Fresh Snow

  1. I didn’t noticed the title, what comes to my mind is bubbles…tiny tiny bubbles 😀


  2. Beautiful we’ve not had any snow yet in the UK 😦


    • Thanks so much! Aw, no snow there in the UK? Sorry to hear that. 😦 I always think that if it’s gotta be cold outside there ought to at least be some pretty snow to look at. Winter over there isn’t through yet though is it, so maybe there’s still a chance…?


  3. Being a New Jersey lgirl iving in Florida, I can tell you my inner child misses the snow every time I read about the weather up north–especially the school closure announcements!


    • Oh yes snow day school closures are always fun! We’re so accustomed to snow here in Minnesota that we don’t see those too often, so when we do it’s a special treat! I don’t think I could do with living in a place where I couldn’t experience all four distinct seasons, but being in warm, sunny Florida sounds very nice, especially around mid February when the cold weather gets old! 😉


  4. Go make a snowman and then take a few photos…. go on…


  5. ulsterphotosimages

    Unusual but very effective image !!


    • Thanks so much! I thought it was unusual too and I loved the effects of the shadows. I only wish my humble camera could have captured more of the sparkles that were in the areas of the snow that weren’t in the shadows, because they were really delightful to look at. 🙂


  6. It’s beautiful! I feel the same way about the snow. There’s something so beautiful and magical about it.


  7. Wavy, like a flag. Your sentiments are well-put and I feel the same – there is always the kid vs. adult when it comes to snow!

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