Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

Playing in the Snow

My inner child did get the chance to go outside and play in the fresh snow that we had here, and I brought my outer child (my daughter) with me.  😀

We had intended to build a snowman, but the snow simply was not sticky enough, so we went to plan B…

I made a snowcano…


Which resulted in frozen fingers dyed blue with food coloring, and a rather pitiful looking creation…


I was improvising with the food coloring, wanting to make it look like some sort of blue “lava” was spewing out of it, and… well… it didn’t really turn out.   It was fun though, and as I was making it, I was telling my daughter the story (talking to myself) about my deadly snowcano and the coming snowpocalypse.   😉


While I was envisioning snowmageddon from my deadly snowcano, my daughter was making a snow cave (fall-out shelter)…


The snow next to the driveway was nicely packed down which worked well for digging tunnels.

I made her crawl inside and pose for a picture for me.  She may be nearly 22 years old, but all I see is my little baby girl smiling out at me.  ♥


It has been so long since we played out in the snow together, such precious times.  ♥


Our adventures out in the snow weren’t all about death and destruction with snowmagedden and fall-out shelter snow caves…  Since we had the food coloring out there with us, I asked my daughter to ‘paint’ a flower in the snow.  A symbol of hope that despite all the snow, we will see spring and the growing things again one day.  ✿


We also made snow angels…


Looks a bit more like a person was laying in the snow flailing helplessly to get up ~ me in actual reality hahaha!


It’s snowing again right now as I write this, perhaps it will be the sticky kind this time and we’ll be able to go out and make our snowman after all.

Or perhaps it’s ash from a real snowcano.  Dun, dun, dunnn…!

Peace & Love…