Playing in the Snow

My inner child did get the chance to go outside and play in the fresh snow that we had here, and I brought my outer child (my daughter) with me.  😀

We had intended to build a snowman, but the snow simply was not sticky enough, so we went to plan B…

I made a snowcano…


Which resulted in frozen fingers dyed blue with food coloring, and a rather pitiful looking creation…


I was improvising with the food coloring, wanting to make it look like some sort of blue “lava” was spewing out of it, and… well… it didn’t really turn out.   It was fun though, and as I was making it, I was telling my daughter the story (talking to myself) about my deadly snowcano and the coming snowpocalypse.   😉


While I was envisioning snowmageddon from my deadly snowcano, my daughter was making a snow cave (fall-out shelter)…


The snow next to the driveway was nicely packed down which worked well for digging tunnels.

I made her crawl inside and pose for a picture for me.  She may be nearly 22 years old, but all I see is my little baby girl smiling out at me.  ♥


It has been so long since we played out in the snow together, such precious times.  ♥


Our adventures out in the snow weren’t all about death and destruction with snowmagedden and fall-out shelter snow caves…  Since we had the food coloring out there with us, I asked my daughter to ‘paint’ a flower in the snow.  A symbol of hope that despite all the snow, we will see spring and the growing things again one day.  ✿


We also made snow angels…


Looks a bit more like a person was laying in the snow flailing helplessly to get up ~ me in actual reality hahaha!


It’s snowing again right now as I write this, perhaps it will be the sticky kind this time and we’ll be able to go out and make our snowman after all.

Or perhaps it’s ash from a real snowcano.  Dun, dun, dunnn…!

Peace & Love…

14 responses to “Playing in the Snow

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety

    How fun…….I love your snow volcano!


  2. Looks like so much fun. I love to see unique snow creations. Your daughter is beautiful!


  3. Jewels you have made my day… I have had a big grin on my face from start to finish of this post… I loved your ice-cream heap even though you call it something else and your snow Angel… looks a tad different to the others I’ve seen on the big screen… then you said you struggled to get out of it,… well that just brought the house down, I can see in the result a touch of a struggle to stand upright and that picture in my head brought on the laugh… I would hate to see the result of me trying to make one and then stand, you see my six pack became a barrel a long time ago, so you would have a big dent to the one side as I try to get back up….
    But the thought of you enjoying the snow with your daughter just warmed my heart… (she is beautiful by the way) ,, I love it when my son and I get to do things together, he is a little older than your daughter so the games we play are more in the form of golf… however he announced that this year he and I are going to the Etosha Game reserve in Namibia, something I’ve wanted to do since it was established, but I consider it a privilege to still be able to share special times with their kids, that are no longer kids, and the fact your daughter is still up to games with mom is awe inspiring… well done .. I love this post.. so heart warming…


    • Thanks so much Bulldog, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Indeed it was quite a struggle to get up after making my snow angel, my daughter had to assist me, which was hilarious because she only weighs like 2 lbs and I weigh… well… a little more. 😉 Not to mention, the snow was deep and a bit slippery. It really was great fun though and we both enjoyed our playtime out in the snow. We are both children at heart. My daughter and I are also very close and share a special and rare relationship, and for that I am truly grateful! How wonderful that you and your son will be going to the Etosha game reserve this year. It would be such an amazing experience to see those animals up close like that! I know I don’t need to tell you to be sure to take lots of photos while you’re there. 😉


  4. “She may be nearly 22 years old, but all I see is my little baby girl smiling out at me.” Love it. I can relate very well to this statement, and the picture is beautiful! I actually thought of you today when my family and I went outside to play with bubbles. I read on Pinterest that if you blow bubbles in freezing temperatures they instantly freeze. It was neat watching the ice crystals crawl up the bubbles until the entire bubble was a beautiful, crazy display of crystals. You would have been able to capture the magic on camera like no one else I know! 🙂


    • Thanks Lisa! Oooh that bubbles thing sounds like fun, and I would have loved to try and photograph them! Of course, it’s way too fricken cold out there today to go play outside with bubbles, build snowcanos, or do much of anything, schools are even closed today because of the dangerous temps. Hunkering down over here… 😉


  5. Julie, when I grow up I want to be just like you 🙂


  6. Oh this is lovely. We rarely get snow like this in coastal Dublin.
    What a beautiful photo of your daughter – as you say, precious times together.


    • Thank you, we had a lot of fun playing out there in the snow together. I’ve been feeling especially nostalgic about my daughter lately with her birthday coming up next week, plenty of cherished childhood memories floating through my mind. Time passes so quickly. I didn’t realize you were in Ireland, oh what I would give to see coastal Dublin! Maybe someday…


      • Born in Dublin but spent all my life elsewhere so rediscovering Ireland.
        Birthday wishes to your daughter. I understand the nostalgia … my 23 year old son works for the refugee service in central Africa, so time spent together is very precious.


      • Although I’ve lived in nine different locations throughout my life, it’s always been within a 30 mile radius of the same general area as where I grew up. In fact, I am now living back in the same house I grew up in, my Dad passed away not too long ago and my daughter and I came to live with my Mom last year. So I’m doing a bit of “rediscovering” as well. 😉 It’s a really weird feeling being back here (I’m even in my old room) and I’m still processing how I feel about it all.
        I will pass those birthday wishes along to my daughter, thanks so much! That must be hard having your son so far away, I can’t imagine it. My daughter and I are so close, I know someday she will spread her wings and venture out on her own, but I do hope it’s not quite that far away…


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