Two lovers entwined in a frosty dance

embracing the sun in this winter romance.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014




21 responses to “Entwined

  1. So beautiful Julie!


  2. Love the picture and quote. A perfect description. How creative!


  3. Wow, what words and photo… brilliant…


  4. How magical! It’s so very, very beautiful. *sigh*


  5. This is truly beautiful – the image and the words. Masterpiece! xx


  6. absolutely beautiful. so, so delicate.


  7. You have been keeping up with the beauty Julie – wonderful photos I’ve seen and lovely poems. A belated Happy New Year my friend and I hope that 2014 brings some good things to you. Much love, Ruth xx


    • Hi there Ruth! So nice to hear from you! Thanks so much, and a belated Happy New Year to you too, with many good wishes for all that is wonderful and lovely to come your way! I hope you and yours are doing well, much love to you too! ♥


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