He dwells in isolation, disconnected, alone

encased in an icy fortress, existing on his own.

Longing to break free from his frosty crystal prison

the bonds of his confinement finally arisen.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014




12 responses to “ICEsolation

  1. Love this Jewels… or Julie whichever you prefer… I like the Jewels…


  2. This is gorgeous! I absolutely love the frosty crystalized shots!


    • Thanks so much Shae! I know I’ve been going overboard on all of the frost photos, but I can’t seem to help it. 😉 I edited this one a bit, and made it black and white for effect, I’m glad you like it!


  3. Wow, the words really bring to life what’s happening in the frost. I love it! So beautiful!


  4. I love the words with the picture makes it seem more like reality. I hate the cold we have been having in Texas. I love warm weather although taking pictures of ice crystals could be fun. I only got to take some of frozen flowers and icicles.


    • Thanks, Sonya! The weather in Texas has been cold? I guess even the south isn’t being spared from this “polar vortex.” I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but I’m used to it living in Minnesota all my life, and I love trying to find the beauty in things, even more so when it comes out of things that are typically considered ‘undesirable’ such as the cold weather. Although the poem here speaks more on the negative aspect, it’s what came to mind when I saw the little section of frost separated from the rest. I’d love to see your pictures of icicles, even though there are many of them around here, I have a very hard time getting any decent shots of it with my humble lens.


  5. Beautiful photo and words.


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