My New Neighbor

I’ve got a new neighbor… a little albino squirrel has taken up residence in the hollow of the tree outside my bedroom window!

I noticed him during our last snowfall a few days ago.  Because it was snowing so hard outside I thought he was a regular squirrel covered with snow at first, but then I realized he was albino!  I’ve been having a wonderful time watching him scamper about the tree.  He’s a nervous little thing though, always on the move, so getting any decent photographs of him has been a bit of a challenge.

But here is one I managed to capture one evening as he paused briefly on one of  the branches…


I’m going to name him Frosty.  ♥  Frosty the snow squirrel.  😀

This shot has a bunch of messy of branches in the way (makes for pretty good camouflage), but it shows his little pink eye looking at me…


His color is more of a pale grey than white, especially in the lighting of these photos, but I would still consider him albino.

Here is one I caught of him peeking out of the hollow at me.  


He’s so cute with his little paw up to his chest.

I snapped this one while he was washing up a bit, but he looks like he’s covering his face, so just for fun I captioned it and I think I’m going to send it to my friend who hates winter..


She follows my blog, so she may see this before I send it to her.  If so… this one is for you Sharon!  Hang in there my friend!  😀


Personally, I’m still enjoying winter for the time being, but come see me around the end of February and I’m sure I’ll be quite weary of it with a serious case of spring fever by then.   😉

I’m also still taking lots of pictures of the frost on my windows, I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of those with you in the near future.  It’s just so very lovely, and one must always be on the lookout for the beauty to be found each day…

Peace & Love…


20 responses to “My New Neighbor

  1. I have never seen a albino squirrel before. Keep getting some pictures of him/her. His eyes do look pink. You could put out some dry bread crust out a bit away from the tree area so he will come out to get them and you can take pictures at the same time. That is funny we both posted about squirrels today.


  2. What a lovely new neighbor! He’s definitely albino, given his little red eyes!
    I’m back to enjoying winter now that the crazy Polar Vortex has gone again 🙂


    • He is a lovely little neighbor! Haha yeah the horrible bitter cold we’ve all had with that Polar Vortex really does suck a bit of the enjoyment out of winter. 😉 -6 here this morning…


  3. I love your new neighbor! I’ve heard about people seeing albino or completely black squirrels but haven’t seen one for myself yet. He’s so beautiful! And you picked a great name! (Frosty is the name of my white and orange kitty.)


    • Me too! I really hope he sticks around, he’s such a nervous little thing that I’m afraid he’ll be on his way before long. This is the second albino squirrel I’ve seen in my tree now, I thought they were rare, but maybe there’s a little group of them somewhere around here. I’ve never seen a completely black squirrel, that would be cool! I remember you saying you named one of your cats Frosty, that’s so cute! ♥ I named my new little neighbor guy Frosty because he came with the snowstorm and also his color reminds me of winter, not to mention I’ve been a bit obsessed with frost lately. 😉


  4. Great pictures of a cute visitor. I love the one where he is covering his face. Perfect caption! Thanks for sharing!
    Peace and love to you,


    • Thanks, Jan! He was so cute while he was washing his little face and it was funny to catch him in that pose. I thought of my one friend immediately, as she dreads the winter so much and I’m always trying to get her to look at the bright side. She really liked the caption I added to it for her, so mission partially accomplished! 😀


  5. We have two albino squirrels around my house! Aren’t they lovely?! Your photos of Frosty are wonderful.


  6. Frosty is the perfect name for that little squirrel–so cute! 🙂


  7. So cute! I love squirrels! The shot of him peeking out of the hollow is so sweet.


    • Thanks Laura, I think so too! I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with squirrels (don’t like them raiding my vegetable garden), but I’ve been gradually leaning over more to the love side, they’re just so stinkin’ cuuute, and I do adore little creatures so much! 😀


  8. Have you gotten any more pictures of the squirrel?


    • No, unfortunately my new little neighbor decided not to take up permanent residency in my tree. But we’re in the middle of another snowstorm here so maybe he’ll return to take shelter in it again…


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