Frosty Valentine


A wintry kiss, fresh and invigorating

an icy touch, so exhilarating

sending sweet shivers down my spine

the embrace of my frosty Valentine.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014


Some people see shapes in the clouds, I guess I see them in the frost.  😉  I was so delighted to see a heart this time ~ perfect for Valentine’s Day!  ♥


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

24 responses to “Frosty Valentine

  1. You really do have a way with the frost!


  2. Now who could have sent you that Jewels.?? Lovely capture…


  3. Wow, perfect timing!!! (& just beautiful!)


  4. Wow, what an amazing gift from nature! That is so beautiful. Maybe Jack Frost does have a crush on you. 😉


  5. Oh wow, you saw this on your window? No way!


  6. Gorgeous poem, stunning image!!!! Great work 🙂


  7. Another amazing icy image accompanied by wonderful words. Bravo Jewels


  8. Perfect! That is all.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  9. It may be late for me (as it’s March now) but WOW!!! That is truly gorgeous!


    • You know what they say… “better late than never.” 😉 Thank you, it was just so perfect seeing this heart-shaped frost on my window so near to Valentine’s Day, gotta love it!


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