Frosty Dreams of Spring

I must confess…  a touch of spring fever is beginning to set in…

This scene may be made of frost, but it makes me think of springtime with new little blades of grass growing under a cloudy sky.


Wishful thinking.   😉


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

11 responses to “Frosty Dreams of Spring

  1. I agree, wishful thinking… or hopeful thinking?? Love the photo…


  2. Dreaming of spring myself my dear soul sister. Gorgeous pictures as always.

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    • It’s still a little over 3 weeks away, but I’m sure you’ll see it sooner than me down there in the south. I’ve been trying really hard not to “go there” just yet, but I’m definitely detecting hints of spring fever starting in on me ~ especially when I’m seeing scenes of springtime in the frost. 😉


  3. Beautiful photo! I see large trees (those shadows in the background help) with a field of grass underneath. I’m longing for the day that I can open my windows and let that lovely spring air move through the house. And I surely can’t wait to begin gardening again! 🙂 Have a great day!


  4. Jules. I find it really cool that we both saw EXACTLY the same thing in this ice formation. I was going to leave a comment saying so as I read your description. Blew my mind. So glad we see things the same way. Too cool.


  5. That does look like blades of grass under a cloudy sky! Amazing! And maybe it’s not just wishful thinking. We’re seeing definite signs of spring here. I have chives, lemon balm, dill and crocus popping up out of the ground.


    • It must be so wonderful to see those precious little growing things popping up! I’m afraid it is wishful thinking for me though and will be quite some time before spring arrives here in Minnesota ~ there’s at least 4 feet of snow out there and the high today was -1


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