Unfurl your elegant petals

soft, lovely shades of pink

Release your enchanting fragrance

fresh, spirited essence

Bare your secret innermost part

beauty within revealed.

 © Julie Rehnelt 2014



~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


14 responses to “Bloom

  1. Whoa, does this mean Winter is finally ending up in Minnesota?


      • Buuuuumer. Hopefully soon, through. I mean, this can’t last forever…right? *whimper*


      • We do have some warmer temps in the forecast, but also chances for more snow. Last year it snowed in May, sure hope we don’t have a repeat of that, but this is Minnesota so one never knows. Good thing the Como Park Conservatory (where I snapped this photo) is nearby so I can get my flower fix when I get desperate. 😀


      • Ooo…that place is so cool! Or warm, as the case was in this photo. We went there a few times and I was always amazed at the flowers and plants they have growing there. Do they still have the bonsai trees? Those are awesome!


      • Cool or warm, it’s such an wonderful place, I absolutely love it there! The zoo part is great too, the next time you guys come up to Minnesota (during warm weather, of course) you should take the boys there. 😀 Yes, they do still have the Bonsai trees, those are awesome!


  2. ‘Bare your secret innermost part’ – what beautiful words and I was so thrilled when I got to the end and saw such loveliness. You brightened my day, Julie – thank you my lovely friend! xx


    • Thanks so much Ruth! I really appreciate that, I’m glad you liked it, and so happy to have brightened your day! ♥ Beautiful blooming things have a way of doing that don’t they? 😀 I snapped this pink little lovely when Rachael and I went to a conservatory nearby to be amidst the growing things. I have a draft started for a future post about that visit, but oh it was absolutely wonderful in there, true therapy for me indeed!
      Hope your pretty spring blooms are still coming along nicely, and that you’re doing alright, sending much love over there to you my friend! xx


  3. So beautiful! My eyes are enjoying that feast of color after being so color-deprived lately. Even our evergreen trees have taken on a dull, brownish tinge. That brilliant pink and green hold the promise of more colorful months to come!


    • Thanks Trisha! I know what you mean about being color-deprived, I really get to missing the color green around this time of year ~ one of the reasons for my visit to the Conservatory where I snapped this picture. 😉 It’s a bit gloomy here this morning, even the white of the snow looks dingy, but the temps are up, so I’m thankful for that. It will still be quite a while before any spring blooms have sprung up around here though, so I’ll have to find other things to occupy myself with until I can get back out in my garden. Which currently is remodeling the bathroom. I’ve spent the past couple of days painting the insides of the window frames in there, and yesterday I installed some blinds. I’ll probably post about it at some point. It’s been a really long process. Haha here’s a link from last March when I was gonna get back to working on it, then it got put off when gardening season came. Typical. 😉 Anyway, there’s a picture of one of the windows if you care to see what I’m talking about…
      Remodeling and Redecorating: The Story Continues…
      Hope your week has improved, and that ‘Zombie Trish’ has went back to the apocalypse where she belongs.
      Sorry this reply is overly long ~ I’m all jacked up on my coffee and feeling rather chatty. 😀


  4. I find this incredibly sensual. Amazing work, Julie.


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