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Spring Fever Therapy

With temperatures on the rise here recently, it definitely feels like spring is getting closer now, but a few weeks ago when it was still quite cold out, my daughter and I paid a visit to the Como Park Conservatory.  It was so very wonderful to be among all of the fragrant, lovely, growing things ~ the perfect therapy for spring fever.  It’s only a 15 minute drive from my home, and it’s free admission, so that’s a bonus!

Unfortunately, I only managed to snap a few photos before my camera battery died.  I really need to be paying more attention to things like that.  Oops!  But you know… as much as I enjoy taking photographs, sometimes it’s more important to just be in the moment and not trying to do anything else other than simply enjoying the experience.  And that I most certainly did.  😀

Here are a few photos from our visit…

It may be winter outside…


But there’s bright, beautiful blooms inside…






And this adorable little sculpture/fountain…


It was around this point that I started getting the low battery warning on my camera and I panicked because we still had many more areas to explore, so I turned my camera off.  But here are a couple my daughter snapped with her camera of the Cyclamen and Narcissus…



I can’t even tell you how gloriously fragrant it was in there, so unbelievably refreshing.  *Sigh*  Their Sunken Garden exhibit changes seasonally, with their Spring Flower Show beginning next week, so you know I’ll be making another trip there soon to check that out.  And I’ll be sure to also check that my camera batteries are all charged up.  😉


Next we went to have a look at the Conservatory’s Bonsai Collection, where I still had enough juice left in my camera battery to snap a shot of this Bonsai specimen…


I would love to try my hand at caring for a Bonsai someday, and I think it would be an especially therapeutic activity to do during the long winters here.


Additionally, Como Park has a stunning Japanese Garden, but that area is outdoors so it’s currently buried under the winter snow.  It’s really quite impressive though, here is a video about it…

It would be really cool to go to their Japanese lantern lighting festival, as well as attend one of their tea ceremonies sometime.


We also went inside the park’s Tropical Encounters exhibit, where I used the very last of my camera battery to snap this photo of a little yellow bird as it landed briefly to catch a snack…


No idea what kind of bird it is, but its bright yellow color is so cheery!

And speaking of birds… I have been increasingly hearing the sweet chirping and tweets of various birds outside my window in the mornings (right now, in fact) and it’s such a welcome sound!


Lastly, I’ll share a couple of the other photos my daughter snapped with her camera while we were there…

In the Fern Room


It was all misty in there, so lush and green and alive.  I don’t have a lot of houseplants, because although I may have a green thumb outside in the garden, I tend to kill indoor plants.  But I think next winter I will look into getting myself some sort of fern to grow indoors to tend to ~ something about them reminds me of oxygen and I quite like breathing in fresh air, it’s especially appreciated when being cooped up indoors all winter.

And the Palm Dome


You can’t tell it from the photo, but this palm is huge.  If you scroll back up and look at the first photo I took of the outside of the conservatory, this palm is as tall as the top part of that dome.   Magnificent!


And I’ll leave you with this sneaky shot I took of my daughter with her camera (without her knowing it) while she admired the Koi Pond in the North Garden


Her pose here reminds me so much of when she was a little girl.  ♥


And I’ve been bringing her to Como ever since she was a little girl.  It really is a wonderful place ~ for spring fever, or whatever the weather…

✿~Peace & Love~✿

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