Indoor Plants to Tide Me Over

Ah springtime… the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the snow is gradually melting away.  But it’s still going to be quite a while before anything starts coming back to life outside, and I’ve officially and unequivocally come down now with a very serious case of spring fever here.  I absolutely cannot wait to get out in my garden.

So I’m bringing a bit of the garden inside!

As I’ve mentioned before… I’m not always so good at tending to indoor plants, it’s sad really, because I do so love plants, and I’ve been an avid gardener for years.  I think maybe it’s just that when I’m indoors during the winter, I’m busy doing other things, and then when it’s gardening season, I’m, well, outdoors, so they get neglected.  I don’t really know what the deal is exactly, but I think it’s about high time I try and change it, because I’m in serious need of having some green and growing things to surround myself with.

After checking out a link on the 10 Best Plants to Grow Indoors for Air Purification that Peter from over at Ha!Tea’n’Danger shared in the comments of my Spring Fever Therapy post, I decided to go to the garden center to see if they had any of the plants on that list.  With my having asthma, doing anything to improve indoor air quality is always of interest to me, and what better way to do that than with plants!  Thanks again for passing that list along to me, Peter!

My favorite garden center went out of business last summer, I can’t even tell you how much that saddens me, so I had to go to a different one to look for my plants.  It was very nice there, but just not quite the same.  I did find some plants though, so mission accomplished!

How perfect (and hilarious) is this…


“PLANTS OF STEEL” roar!  Haha love it!  This means I ought to be able to keep this one alive, even if it gets a bit neglected.  😉   It’s not the exact variety of Dracaena from the list, but it was in a section specifically called “Air Purifying Plants,” so I think it’ll basically be the same.


I also got an English Ivy…


I love this sweet little plant so much.  ♥  I think it’s my favorite, but shh… don’t tell the other plants, I don’t want their feelings to get hurt.  😉


Here is a plant I can’t believe I didn’t already have for all of its wonderful healing benefits aside from also being an air purifier.  Aloe Vera…


I did already have this silly fish pot though.  😀


I also already had this Peace Lily…


I’ve been struggling to keep this little thing alive since its main plant bit the dust last summer.  Was happy to see it on that air purifying list.  I re-potted it in some fresh soil and it seems much happier now.


This Golden Pothos is quite happy in the golden yellow pot I put it in as well…


I’ve grown these before in the past and have always managed to keep them alive, so even though it wasn’t one of the “Plants of Steel,” I’m feeling fairly confident about not killing it.  😀

It was looking a bit crowded in the tiny pot it came in when I bought it, s0 I divided it up and plunked a clump of it into the back of my little bunny pot…


I’ve had this bunny pot for over 20 years and I’m pretty sure at one point it may have even had this same species of plant in it, so it should feel right at home in there.  You can’t really see much of it in this picture, but in the green pot next to the bunny, I planted a sprig of a Wandering Jew that I snipped from a dying plant last summer.  I’ve kept it rooting in a glass of water on the windowsill all winter and thought I’d finally plant that in some dirt too while I was at it.


That made me think of my mint plants I brought in last fall that I’ve been barely keeping alive, so I snipped off some of its new growth and thought I’d see if I can get it to root…


It has nothing to do with air purifying, but I absolutely adore mint!


Also not having anything to do with air purifying… I bought a beautiful mini-Orchid.  It was intended to be for my daughter, but it ended up in my room because of the lighting I have in there.  It’s so delicate and lovely…


I know nothing about growing Orchids, so hopefully I don’t kill it.  😉

Yeah, all this ought to help tide me over until spring…


~Gardening is my therapy~



15 responses to “Indoor Plants to Tide Me Over

  1. I love all the plants you chose, but I love the pots you have your plants in! Oh, that bunny pot is the winner! I’m with you on the mint–so fresh and clean.


    • Thanks loisajay! I have sort of developed a thing for pots, and I’m always on the lookout for fun, interesting and unique pots. I have had that bunny pot for sooo long that I don’t even recall where I got it from. I know he’s kinda cheesy, but I love him. I used to raise rabbits and have a soft spot for bunnies. 🙂 Oh, I know… mint is one of the most fresh and invigorating scents, and I adore peppermint tea! I grew four different varieties of mint last year, and I brought three of my pots inside to try and winter them over, they’re looking pretty scraggly so hopefully they survive.


  2. Ha! Love the plant of steel tag. My type of plants too. Love your orchid. Seeing all these lovely plants has me feeling uplifted. Thanks.


    • Haha I know, isn’t that tag a riot? Feels assuring to realize that I’m not the only black thumbed indoor gardener out there! I’m glad that seeing all these plants has you feeling uplifted, having them all here in my room has me feeling uplifted as well. 😀


  3. I love the fish pot and the bunny is very cute as well – and you have my favorites – orchids. Happy Springtime!
    ~ Eric


    • That little fish pot is a silly thing, and especially funny looking with the spiky Aloe sticking out of the top of it, he makes me smile. 😀 I have always admired Orchids, there’s something so exotic about them, such delicate beauty. Happy springtime to you too, Eric!


  4. Crooked Tracks

    I have little luck with indoor plants so I found it interesting to read your post. I may try some of the ones you mentioned. And I love the pots too 🙂


    • I have little luck with them as well, so hopefully these survive. 😉 If you do give any of them a try, I think the Golden Pothos would be a good choice because like I mentioned, I have grown those before and they did alright. They’re not picky about lighting, have a nice trailing style, and are fast growing. I still want to get a few more plants, maybe a fern and a palm, but I’m going to see how I do with these first…


  5. I love all the plants you now have… I’m not very good with indoor plants… they tell me I kill them with kindness…


    • Thanks Bulldog! Haha are you sure “kindness” is what they said? 😉 I love all my new little plants so much, and I hope I can keep them alive. I’m really going to give it my best effort to tend to these properly and try not to neglect them too much during gardening season. 😀


  6. I need to look for that plant of steel tag! The few indoor plants I have are all looking pretty sad. It probably has something to do with only watering them about once a month! I love all the plants you picked out. The English Ivy would be my favorite too. It’s so pretty!


    • Haha yeah that’s been me too, only watering them whenever I happen to remember, but I’m determined to try and be a better indoor plant mom ~ at least until gardening season comes. 😉


  7. Just catching up on your posts Julie – I see plants – how wonderful!!! xxx


    • Hi Ruth, so wonderful to see you here, hope you’re doing alright. ❤
      Yes, and I'm happy to report that my new plants are getting on quite nicely ~ still alive! 😉


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