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Goodbye Winter, it’s Been Lovely…

It may seem a bit odd to do this on the first day of spring, but I thought I’d share the last of the frost photos that I’ve taken over the winter.  I guess this is just my backwards way of observing the changing of the seasons.  😉

We’re always so quick to welcome in the new season, because heck, spring is way better than winter after all, isn’t it?  But I believe each season holds a unique beauty all its own, and winter is no exception.  I know winter is long, and cold, and long, and I for one, am so ready for springtime, but even in the harshest of cold and in the seemingly eternal length of winter, there truly is still so much beauty that can be found.

So as I say goodbye to winter, I want to say again how lovely it has been and how much I have enjoyed seeing these beautiful formations on my windows all winter, it was an absolute delight.  I’m so thankful for eyes that see!  ♥

These aren’t the finest captures of the season, my favorites are probably the ones I shared in my Frosty Winter Sunrise post, but they’re still lovely just the same…








The frost design on this next one isn’t really anything special, but I so adore the soft, pastel colors of the early morning light in the background…



This last one was taken on the last day that I saw any frost on my windows this winter, and it seems especially fitting for sharing today on the first day of spring…

  I think it kinda looks like the side profile of a bunny.


Bunnies and springtime just seem to go hand in hand, and it’s so fun that the very last time I had frost on my windows this winter it was shaped liked a bunny.  A cue from nature that winter was really over perhaps?  Or maybe it’s just the weird way I see things.  😉


 Well, goodbye winter, it’s been lovely…

Happy first day of Spring everyone!


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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