Frosty Shore

 I will set free these captive feet

to feel the earth beneath them

even though it be upon a frosty shore.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014


Oh how I wish that white was the froth of the ocean’s waves upon a sandy shore, but alas… it is snow.

It’s slowly melting though!  And I couldn’t wait one moment longer to go walk barefoot outside, so despite the snow, I did just that the other day.  Yes, it was a bit nippy, but it was also refreshing, and it felt so wonderful to set the captives free!  😀

✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


22 responses to “Frosty Shore

  1. set ’em free, Julie. It’s spring!


  2. Nothin’s better than free feet! 🙂

    I’m really getting sick of this cold weather and snow. The worst thing is the flirting with actual spring weather and then going back to 30 degree days and snow. -.- Ugh!

    I was so desperate for that fresh air smell through the house that I opened up my back porch windows on the last 50 degree day – even though it still felt a bit nippy.


    • I know right?! I love me some warm fuzzy socks, but once this time of the year comes around, it becomes a bit suffocating. I feel your pain… mother nature is such a tease. 😉
      Hang in there Gabby, spring will come!


  3. I’ve been out barefoot quite a bit lately, for the same reason. (And also because the bees aren’t here yet!) 🙂


  4. So amazing. I had to look three times to tell that it was snow and not the beauty of the shore. You is smart… Lol. 💜 lovin’ the blog as always. Hugs my soul Sister.

    Sent from Mindi’s iPhone


  5. It is the time of year were all itching for warm weather. Cute picture and poem.


  6. Crooked Tracks

    My toes are cold just looking at your photo 😉


  7. You are a brave soul stepping out into the snow in bare feet! I was outside yesterday in 50 degree weather with shoes and two pairs of socks and my feet are still cold. I hope warmer temps visit your shores soon. 🙂


    • I don’t know about brave, maybe foolish is more like it. 😉 I tend to run a bit warm in general, and even in the winter I’m always taking off my socks (inside the house).
      Haha 50 degrees sounds downright balmy to me. Still frosty shores here ~ it’s snowing again today.
      Hope you’re doing well Trisha, and that you have a wonderful week! 😀


  8. Bit nippy indeed Julie!! Hope that it’s warming up a bit now. Take care of those little toes 🙂 xx


    • We have had some warmer weather lately and nearly all the snow in my area has melted. However there is a winter storm watch in the forecast for this evening through Friday, so winter isn’t finished with us yet here. 😉 But I’m not too discouraged by it, as it’s only a matter of time and I’ll be out in my garden again… xx


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