Spring Has Finally Sprung

We had glorious weather over the weekend.  Well… it was glorious to me.  That nine inches of snow we got from the winter storm last Friday has all melted away, and there’s new life sprouting up from the ground!  I do believe spring has finally sprung!

It was so many years ago that I planted this flower bed for my mom that I can’t recall exactly what is where, but I think these are Allium…


And I think these are yellow Tulips…


I can’t wait until they bloom!  The greenery you see is Lamium that has completely taken over the flower bed ~ I didn’t realize the variety I planted was a ground cover type.  I’ve been yanking it out here and there since I moved in, trying to make it grow where I want it to, but it’s a persistent little plant with a mind of its own.  It is lovely when the delicate little pink bells are blooming though.

Also the Lilac has buds!


One of my most favorite of all springtime blooms, so deliciously fragrant!     I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that my Grandpa planted this Lilac bush for my Grandma over 70 years ago.  Little did he know when he planted it all those years ago that his Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter would be living in this house someday and enjoying it too.  🙂


It will still be a while yet before I can begin planting my vegetables, but spring has definitely arrived here in Minnesota and it’s so wonderful.

Happy Monday!

Peace & Love…

~Gardening is my therapy~



14 responses to “Spring Has Finally Sprung

  1. Yay! Happy Spring! And how cool to still have the lilac bush your grandpa planted. I feel so nostalgic when I think of my grandparents lilac trees. They were the biggest, best-shaped lilac trees I’ve ever seen, which is why I call them trees rather than bushes. They were amazing. I wish I had them!

    Have a wonderful day! I hope you get to bask in the joy of spring. 🙂


    • Happy Spring! It’s so exciting to see the little living things return after such a long winter, and I’m floating on a cloud over here dreaming of more of it that is to come! I know what you mean about the nostalgia… I adore Lilacs, but love this one even more so because my Grandpa planted it. And it’s so tall that it’s more of a tree as well. There are Lily of the Valley (another one of my favorites) growing along the side of the house that my Grandma planted, they’re very special to me too. Can’t wait to see those popping up, there’s loads of them, and they smell so divine!

      Thanks so much, I hope you have a wonderful day too Trisha! 🙂


  2. We have things growing and I am getting ready to build a garden at our new house. Spring time is here!


  3. Crooked Tracks

    I also have lilacs and tulips, its so exciting when they flower 🙂


  4. Love it! I think it’s remarkable that you’ve had so many generations in one place! I think I’d enjoy a lilac bush so much more if my granddad had planted it!


  5. How wonderful Julie!! I have some Alium shooting up too. So good to see “Gardening Is My Therapy.” Great to see you able to get outside after that long winter and I’m looking forward to all the posts and photos!! I wonder if you’ll get sunflowers again this year? Hope so! xxx


    • It is so wonderful Ruth, such a delight to see the new little life popping up, and it’s a huge relief to be able to be outdoors again! I will most certainly be planting sunflowers again, I enjoyed them so much last year. Gardening really is my therapy, and I’m so thankful to have an area to grow things, however small of an area it may be. 😀 xx


  6. Enjoyed seeing what’s coming up in your yard. I love that your lilac was planted by your grandfather – talk about a legacy! Four generations of enjoyment!


    • Thanks Eliza, it truly is such a joy to see new life springing up from the ground after the long winter! I absolutely adore Lilacs, and having some that were planted by my Grandpa all those years ago makes me love these even more! He also planted the giant Sycamore tree that stands outside my bedroom windows like an old guardian keeping watch over me. 🙂 There have actually been five generations of my family that have lived in this house, my Great Grandma lived here too with my grandparents when it was a duplex before my parents remodeled it into a single family house in the 70’s. Now I’m in the midst of remodeling it yet again, perhaps for even more future generations of my family…


      • The history of your home is so cool, so unusual in this era where there is so much moving about. I love the idea of your guardian sycamore tree. I can imagine it. You literally have set down roots!


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