Spring Green


 Fresh Spring green

glowing with new life

holds the promise of tomorrow.

 © Julie Rehnelt 2014



Have I mentioned lately how completely delightful it is to see the fresh, lively shades of green bursting forth everywhere?  Oh, I have?  Okay, well if you don’t mind, I’m mentioning it again.  😉

It’s hard to describe how refreshing it is, down to the very depths of my soul, to see the world come alive with color again after the long, barren winter.  It’s a feast for my eyes that feeds my heart with hope.

The very essence of Spring is hope for tomorrow, and the promise of new life.  And right now I’m reveling in it…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


10 responses to “Spring Green

  1. and new leaves like this are the absolute best! Nice one, Julie.


  2. Since early childhood I have savoured the green of the hawthorn leaves for their first week after coming out. The world has a particularly fine palette at the moment; especially around trees.


    • The palette here at the moment is still in the very early stages of springtime color, a bit later than usual actually, my garden is way behind, silly weather. But oh, how this fresh green delights me! 🙂


  3. I love that picture, it evokes a feeling of such freshness!

    I was glad to see a post from you this morning. When you were absent for a few days I started to worry.

    Many green Spring blessings to you!


    • Thanks so much, Trisha!
      I have been a bit absent in posting this past week, there’s just so much going on lately around here. Sorry to worry you, I’m glad though that my absence was noticed. 😉
      Many green Spring blessings to you too, and other blessings as well! ❤


  4. I have never loved a Spring as much as I do this year 🙂


  5. Such a beautiful green – the lime colour, Julie and the best sight to see! 🙂


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