Life Finds a Way


Betwixt gaps of barren cement

beauty breaks forth singing

 ‘Life finds a way!’


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




“Life will not be contained, life breaks free. It expands into new territories, and it crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but uh, well there it is…  Life finds a way.”

The above is one of my favorite quotes from the film Jurassic Park, and it expresses exactly where I’m coming from.  Of course it’s in reference to trying to clone dinosaurs, not Dandelions, but still…

Oh, and, I don’t care what anyone says ~ Dandelions are lovely little things, and I DARE you to tell me otherwise!   😀


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

23 responses to “Life Finds a Way

  1. Exactly! Who has not ever handed someone a bright, beautiful dandelion bouquet–hand picked and fresh from the garden! Happy Saturday, Julie.


    • Right?! I just love them, so bright and cheery, and they’re one of the first things to “bloom” in the springtime. Happy Saturday Loisajay! 🙂


  2. Children know how wonderful they are, too! Thanks for this happy message today!!!


  3. Pretty.
    Dandelions have 2 stages of lovely, too…the flower and the wish maker. Oops, I mean seed pod. 😉


  4. This reminds of that quote of George Carlin’s. Something like this:
    “I love it when a dandelion grows through a crack, it’s so heroic!”


  5. I enjoy my dandelions, too. A field of them is a beauty!


  6. I find dandelions quite cheerful and yes, I yank them out of my gardens all the time, but in the lawn they can (and do) go wild! Dandelions will ALWAYS find a way!


    • They are so cheerful! 🙂 I yank them up too when they happen to spring up in an unwanted place, but I always feel sad when I do and will usually try and leave them until just before they go to seed.


      • My sister-in-law eats the greens, but I think they have to be young ones, the older ones get bitter. I’m not one for wild greens or even kale. I’ll take spring mix lettuces instead!


      • I’ve never eaten Dandelion greens, but I’ve heard they’re quite good for you. I have drank Dandelion wine though, but of course that was made from the flower heads, it was much too sweet for my liking.


  7. I read the title of this post and thought “Oh cool, she’s quoting Jurassic Park!” And sure enough, you did. Yeah! This is why you rock, Julie.


  8. Very lovely! Dandelions are so underappreciated. Last night I drove home on a westbound road at sunset. The sun illuminated all the dandelion seed heads in everyone’s lawns and made them look like fields of glowing bubbles. It was beautiful and so magical. I wouldn’t have been too surprised to see a unicorn step out from behind a bush!


    • Thanks, Trisha! Dandelions truly are so under appreciated!
      That scene on your drive home sounds lovely, gotta love those magical moments! 😀 I’m glad you got to experience it. ❤


  9. Lovely pic and great sentiment, Julie – so true! I have a lovely daisy which has decided to pop up between some flagstones – just wonderful!! 🙂


    • Thanks Ruth! Daises are so sweet, I adore them, how lovely that one is popping up between your flagstones. I really love seeing plant life grow in between things, it encourages me in a way. 🙂


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