Soldiers of Beauty


Springtime’s soldiers stand at attention

ready to march in nature’s crusade

Armed with an arsenal of intoxicating fragrance

beauty being the weapon of their warfare.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




We have an army of Lily of the Valley growing on one side of the house.  My Grandma planted them back in the 1940’s, and despite my parent’s re-landscaping of the property in the 70’s, these little soldiers have continued to march onward.

I absolutely adore everything about them, even their invasive behavior.  Which is a slight matter of contention between me and my Mom because she likes a tidy garden, whereas I’ve come to prefer a more natural setting.  But one thing we both agree on is that their heavenly scent is perfectly divine, and their dainty, white bells are the sweetest little things ever.  ❤

And they’ll be blooming soon!  🙂


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


24 responses to “Soldiers of Beauty

  1. I love them, too, even their invasive tendencies. They’re climbing out of my front bed, and I couldn’t be more pleased!


  2. They’re beautiful! I couldn’t bring myself to pull them out either, if they were growing in my yard.


  3. Beautiful piece! Love the last line! 🙂


  4. I love these flowers – inherited them in our Belgian garden, flowering prolifically now.
    Beautiful poem – love the last line too!


    • Me too, they’re one of my favorites!
      Thanks so much Lorna, I edited the poem and rephrased that last line. I rephrased a couple of things, actually. It’s what I call ‘before coffee vs after coffee’ poetry. 😉


  5. Fantastic take on this image. I love the way you caught all the standing GREEN. I love Lily of the Valley and wish I had some. The smell brings back childhood memories. Love, Amy


    • Thanks Amy! I really love them as well, and have many fond memories attached to them too! Maybe you could plant some along with the other lovelies you’re putting in over there? 😉


      • I will have to find them first. They don’t seem too common here anymore. My neighbor last year killed all of hers, and I could have just screamed. I wanted them to put on my property but she didn’t want to wait. So she put poison on them. I know. That hurts.


      • Oh noes, that’s terrible she killed them all! 😦 I could send you some pips (as I’ve got plenty of them in my little army here), but I don’t know if they’d survive the shipping.


      • Jewels, I am making a trip to my nursery I really like to see if they have any plus some bushes I want. I will keep your offer in mind though. I don’t know if they would survive the shipping either. Live plants are really tricky to ship. I am really touched you offered. Thank you! Love, Amy


  6. When I was (much) younger, my ritual to welcome spring was to purchase a bottle of Muguet des bois by Coty. I know–I just aged myself, but that fragrance was Lily of the Valley. I adored it! I so envy you have these little guys in your garden. And for the record, I am a fan of a wild gardens. Yeah!


  7. I ADORE lily of the valley! My favorite scent – intoxicating!


  8. Just an excellent poem to match the march of Lily of the Valley! They are such beauties. I look forward to seeing the flowers! :-):-)


  9. I adore Lilies of the Valley! My mother even wore the French perfume Muguet des Bois, which is so beautifully scented. I miss this and wonder if my Mom wishes I would buy some for her? Smiles, Robin


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