Life is Happening

Life is happening out there in my tiny garden!  All of my seedlings are sprouting up and it’s so exciting to see!  I know this might sound silly to say, but even after 20+ years of gardening, I still think it’s amazing that one can grow their own food, that you can plant little seeds in the ground and they grow into food you can eat!


My beans are off to a wonderful start with their outstretched ‘arms’ reaching toward the sky…


And more of my cucumbers are popping up every day…


My peas springing up happily in their pot…


And my lone zucchini is growing like a champ…



My Lettuce and carrot seedlings are also popping up, but I may need to plant new ones because the squirrels made a terrible mess of them, digging around in my garden like pirates looking for buried treasure.  Absent minded little creatures always misplacing their nuts.

I did have a very cool experience the other morning with the squirrels, though.  I awoke earlier than usual and went outside before the sun was even up to have my coffee out on the patio.  I was sitting out there sipping my cup, when three little young squirrels came trouncing along (full of mischief, no doubt), and ran right up to me like I wasn’t even there.  It kinda freaked me out, but it was sort of magical at the same time.  The third little one was a bit more cautious and timid than the other two, and paused as he noticed me sitting there.  He looked at me with questioning eyes, as if asking if I was a safe thing to pass by or not.  When I didn’t move (or even hardly breathe), he eventually came to the conclusion that I wasn’t a threat, and scampered past me to join his friends.  He was so cute, I love having close encounters with little creatures!  ❤

But stay out of my garden you little fiends!  😉

And leave my tomatoes alone too.  Since putting in my vegetable garden here in 2012, those little scoundrels steal most of my tomatoes just before they’re ready to pick.  This year’s plants are starting to flower which means that soon there will be fruits developing, so I’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for that little trio of potential thieves…



In addition to my seedlings springing up with life, all the blooming things are out there doing their thing too ~ the peony has dozens of buds!  They’re smothered with ants which are icky, but that’s par for the course, and they’ll be so lovely once they bloom!


The columbine are in bloom…


And though they’re nearing the end of their peak now, I’ve been in paradise inhaling the scent of the lily of the valley while putzing around in my garden…


Also nearing their end are the lovely pink tulips that sprang up out of nowhere in the flower bed (last year they were yellow), they’ve been a real delight too, so pretty…


And I know I already wrote about the wonderfulness of the lilacs in my last post, but I’m going to share another photo I snapped of them, because lilacs are so utterly amazing that they deserve to be mentioned again…



So yeah, life is definitely happening outside in my humble little garden, and I’m so very thankful.

I hope you find many things in your life to be thankful for today as well.  Peace and love to you, and have a wonderful weekend!



~Gardening is my therapy~


22 responses to “Life is Happening

  1. Your garden is coming along very nicely – so much beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us! I didn’t know squirrels stole tomatoes too. Those little rascals! They already eat all the cherries off our cherry tree before they can ripen and nibble on all my bulbs. But I love them. They’re so darn cute! Have lovely weekend. I hope you have nice weather to enjoy your garden.


    • Thanks Trisha, I’m so happy everything is doing so well! Yep, those darn cute sneaky little thieves!
      I hope you have a great weekend too, and safe travels and nice weather for the baseball tournament. We have thunderstorms in the forecast for the weekend, so I may not be out in the garden much, but I guess that will give me a chance to catch up on some of the indoor things that I’ve been putting off while I’ve been outside so much. 😉


  2. Trouble with bunnies in my tomato bed, but apart from that, I am also thrilled! I am always amazed at growing things, too, Jewels. It’s pretty amazing stuff!


    • Oh oh those naughty bunnies! We have bunnies around here too, but they don’t bother my garden ~ it’s a raised bed and built up too high for them. But the squirrels…. another matter entirely. 😉
      Yep, it is pretty amazing stuff, and so rewarding!
      Happy gardening, Joey!


  3. I’m still delighted too to eat something grown from seed – the magic of nature. I like the “outstretched arms” you mentioned!
    Your photos are stunning – love the columbine and lily of the valley ones particularly.
    Have a lovely weekend.


    • “The magic of nature” is right! I find the whole process of planting, tending, and then harvesting to be so very rewarding, and I swear the food I’ve grown myself tastes better. 😉
      Thanks so much Lorna, I sincerely appreciate that, and I’m so glad you liked them.
      Hope your weekend is lovely too! 🙂


  4. Crooked Tracks

    I love your photos. It is so wonderful to see all the new life out there 🙂


  5. Your garden is beautiful! Thanks so much for the tour. The birds used to get my tomatoes…. 😦


    • Thanks Loisajay, it’s just a tiny, humble little garden, but it makes me really happy! 🙂 The birds got your tomatoes? I didn’t even know birds liked tomatoes, the birds around here could careless about them.


  6. Apart from the beautiful garden, where are the photos of the squirrels??
    You need to take your camera out onto the patio with your coffee, you never know what might pass by… lovely photos Jewels, love that the veggies are growing so well…


    • Oh, I’ve got lots of photos of the squirrels, and posts about them, just type “squirrel” into the search bar on my home page and you’ll find tons. Their mischief and adorableness is never ending around here ~ I even had baby squirrels nesting in my tree hollow last spring, that was a treat! ❤ Here's the link to that post:
      I think I did have my camera, I usually take it out there with me, but it was so unexpected when they happened by (not to mention I was still half asleep 😉 ) that I just sat there in the stillness of the moment. I did take a snapshot in my mind of it though. 😉
      Thanks so much Bulldog, I'm really glad that everything is growing so well out there too!


  7. Lovely post Julie! So thrilled to see your seedlings emerging – there is just nothing like it, I really agree with you. New life and the power of such tiny things. Naughty squirrels! Mine hasn’t been for a while but no doubt it’ll be back soon. Hope you have lovely gardening week ahead. Take good care Julie and lots of love xxxx


    • Thanks Ruth! I’m thrilled too, so happy everything is doing well. And as it turns out, I don’t think I’ll have to replant my lettuce and carrot seeds after all, the digging around them that the squirrels did has misaligned my rows, but the seedlings are still sprouting. It rained most of the weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing even more growth when I head out to the garden today. Rain water does so much more for plants than the watering hose. 🙂
      Hope you’re doing alright, and have a wonderful week, take care and lots of love to you too my friend!xx


  8. Great photos – beautiful to see everything growing so well x


  9. Wonderful reminders and photos. I too find great delight in watching my garden sprout into life. Thanks, Brad


    • Thank you, Brad! It really is such a pleasure isn’t it?! Springtime is filled with so many lovely little gifts, and gardening feeds not only my body, but my soul as well.
      Thanks so much for stopping by this morning, I plan to head over to your blog as well and see what you’ve got going on over there. I noticed you in Neha’s blog recommendation list along with mine. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  10. All of your photographs are so beautiful.


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