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Monarda Monday


The Monarda out in the garden are looking magnificent on this Monday!


I’ve never seen one sprout an extra bloom out of the top of another bloom before, that looks so cool!  Maybe this one is magical.  😉

I absolutely love Bee Balm.  It smells so amazing, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, and even has many medicinal uses as well.


Not to mention it’s a beautiful and interesting looking plant.

My sister bought this plant for me a couple of years ago and having nowhere to plant it, I plunked it into my Mom’s flower bed, not knowing at the time it would soon become my flower bed too.


It has multiplied and spread out so nicely, and as I said, I love it so much ~ I wouldn’t mind one bit if it completely overran the rest of the garden.


It’s a lovely Monday morning here, I hope it’s lovely wherever you are too!  Have a wonderful week!


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

My Sunday Morning Worship


In the early morning before the sun has completely risen, I pour myself a cup of coffee and step quietly out into the garden.

It has rained heavily during the nighttime hours and everything is wet, all the flower heads are bent over, heavy laden, drunk on rainwater.

I make my way around the garden, checking on my plants, seeing that all is well, I go and sit.

Sipping on the rich, dark liquid in my cup and savoring the moment, my senses continue to awaken.

My eyes drink in colors, green and lush.  The sun, trying to peek through the cloudy sky, casts a lovely light on the garden.  The scent of wet earth fills my nostrils, I breathe in deeply, refreshed.

All is quiet in this noisy, busy city during these early morning hours, nature is able to speak.  And I listen…

Suddenly the sound of church bells ring out, beckoning all, come in and worship. But my spirit rings out, beckoning, come outside and worship.

One need not go into a church to experience God, He is everywhere, in everything.  We need only to tune our spiritual ears to His frequency to hear the Beloved’s voice.

I hear it in a bird’s song, in the rustling of leaves on a gentle breeze.  Especially in that rustling.  And in the swaying of the branches God sings me a lullaby.  Tenderly rocking my spirit back and forth.  Oh how He loves me!

I look at my plants and see them there with their leaf-arms raised, outstretched, as if in praise, and I lift mine too.

I tip my head back, eyes closed, smiling at my own silliness there mimicking my plants.  I’m such a weirdo.

As I open my eyes, I see a beautiful rainbow directly above me.  And only directly above me, as it’s not a fully arched rainbow.  I feel as if it’s there especially for me.  God smiling upon me.  Now He’s just showing off.   I laugh with delight.  Then I cry, inspired, feeling so loved.  And fully accepted.

A light breeze blows, brushing my hair against my cheek, it tickles.  God caressing my face.  Then the rainbow disappears.  I sigh in awe, soaking in His Presence, and begin to sing.

This is my Sunday morning worship…


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




✿~Peace & Love~✿

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I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

♪  I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day

I’ve got cukes outside after the month of May!  ♫


I was so excited to see this little cucumber blossom when I went out to the garden earlier!   The song My Girl by the Temptations came to mind immediately because it’s a cloudy morning here with scattered thunderstorms in the forecast for the day, but looking around the garden, all I see is sunshine.  Yellow = sunshine and there’s yellow everywhere




And granted, I took these next two on a sunny day a couple of days ago, but ahh they’re so bright and lovely I had to include them…



Technically, Stella De Oro are more of an orange, but who’s being technical here?  Certainly not me.  😀



Hope your day is filled with songs and sunshine, peace and love to you!


~Gardening is my therapy~




Raise your arms, lift up your face

in exaltation and joyous praise.




For you are alive ~ a wondrous gift

in that fact alone, may your heart uplift.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



 I’m feeling a bit down today, so I wrote this to myself as a cheerful little reminder.  What… don’t you ever talk to yourself?   😉


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Astilbe Galaxy


On feathery plumes of delicate pink

exists a blossoming galaxy

Tiny star clusters lush with nectar


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Thundery Thursday

I awoke to the sound of thunder this morning.  Other than going to sleep to the sound of thunder, waking up to it is the next best thing, and I’m absolutely loving it!  ❤

It’s especially wonderful when one can still have the windows open during it all and get the full effect of all the sounds, and smells too.  😀

Well, on a rainy morning such as this, it seems like the perfect time to share a little update on my garden.  Everything is doing really well and I’m so delighted…


The peonies are nearing the end of their bloom time now, and especially after this heavy rain, I’m sure they’ll be completely done the next time I go out.  I wasn’t able to get a decent shot of them, because the lighting was never quite right whenever I thought of taking photos of them, but this one turned out nicely.  Even though it’s not completely opened yet…


These are right near our back door (which is the door we use most frequently) and the smell has been so lovely as we’re coming and going.

Another lovely going on in the garden are the irises.  I know I already shared a photo of them in a previous post, but I really like this one I took after the rain the other day…


Their pastel shade of bluish purple along with that touch of yellow captivates me!

And the bright yellow of whatever these are, charms me as well…


Is there any color more cheerful than yellow?!


My veggies are all growing great as well, but I haven’t taken many pictures of them.  I did snap this of my carrots though…


Is it just me, or do these look like totally happy little plants?!   🙂

And I also have this one of my beans…


No longer with only two little outstretched arms like I posted last time.  Soon they’ll be getting little blooms, and then beans, I can’t wait!

And speaking of little blooms, my jalapeno peppers have some…


Can’t wait to eat these either!

And already well into blooming ~ my tomatoes have tomatoes


These are a new variety I haven’t grown before, so I hope they do well as they continue to develop.  And that the squirrels leave them alone.


The squirrels seem to have calmed down with all of their digging around for buried treasure in my garden.  I haven’t seen them much at all lately, I’m not sure why, but we have bunnies everywhere!  I happened to capture this shot the other day as one was hopping around in the yard.  I love bunnies!  ❤


And they can’t reach any of my veggies in my high raised bed, so they’re welcome visitors to me!  😀


The bunnies are probably taking cover in their burrows in this thunderstorm, my kitty has ran in fear and hid under the bed several times already this morning.  But not me… I’m relishing every moment of this thundery Thursday!

Hope you’re enjoying your day too.  Peace and love to you…


~Gardening is my therapy~


Project: Fail

I came across a cool idea for an outdoor project that I thought would be fun to do, but it turned out sorta being a fail.  It isn’t entirely completed yet though, so maybe it will look better once it’s finished.  One can hope…  😉

First let me mention that I love stained glass.  Well, I love any type of colored glass, actually.  Many years ago, I used to collect colored bottles of varying shapes and sizes, and would set them on my window ledge to allow the light shine in through them, it gave off a lovely ‘stained glass’ effect.  I’ve since reduced that collection to only a few bottles and have yet to find/decide on a window here to place them in.  Not to mention, I’ll have to find the box they’re packed away in first.  I also tried to paint “stained glass” onto a window in one of my previous homes using specially designed paints.  It turned out looking pretty cool, wish I had a picture of it to show.  Hmmm… maybe I shall dig through some old photo albums later and see if I have any photos to share, but for now I’m going to continue on with my story…  Anyway, this latest project has nothing to do with either of those two things I just mentioned, or stained glass, I only mentioned them because it has to do with colored glass.  Well, with marbles, to be exact.  And I think I may have lost a few of my marbles working on it.  😉

Those of you who have been here with me for a while, know that in the summer months, I spend a lot of time in my garden and on the patio ~ it’s my little happy place.     Well, along the end of the patio, there is a small section of wood privacy fencing dividing our yard from the neighbors, that I thought would be perfect for this project to add a bit of whimsy and extra fun to my little happy place.

The basic idea for the project is simple ~ you drill holes in random places in the fence and then put colored marbles in them.  Easy peasy, right?  Turns out… not so much…

The main reason I call it a “fail” is because as I was drilling, the wood splintered and it looks terrible.  I think the fact that the fence is stained really makes the splitting more noticeable, so I plan to touch it up with a bit of stain, hopefully that will help hide it somewhat.  The other reason I call it a fail is because the marbles I used don’t really give it the effect I was hoping for, they may be made of glass, but it’s not really the right kind of glass.  Also, even though it’s the sunny south side that shines through, the sun is higher in the sky during the summer, so the marbles don’t catch the light quite right.  I guess I could go out there in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky to look at them, but rather than freezing my butt off, and trudging through several feet of snow, I think I’ll just find a nice window (in the cozy indoors) to set my colored bottles in.  Of course… I’ll have to find them first.  😉


But even though it ended up not turning out how I imagined it, it’s still more festive than a plain, ordinary fence.  Here’s the portion of fence with the marbles I’ve put in so far…


It’s hard to really see the various colors of the marbles, and I couldn’t get a decent close up shot, but this one shows them a little more…


And this one shows the splitting that happened when I drilled the hole…


This isn’t the worst one of the bunch, and you don’t even want to see what the other side of the fence looks like.  But I’ll have to wait and see, hopefully it’ll look better once I touch it up with the stain.  *crosses fingers*


My tiny garden is looking quite happy though, and I’m so very pleased with how well everything is doing!  I’ll share some photos with you in a future post.  Until then… hope you have a wonderful day, and may all your projects turn out just as lovely as you imagined.  Or even better!   😀


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Bright Eyes


“Where others see trouble,

you see hope.

When others say “give up,”

you say “believe.”

Where others find fault,

you find love.”


That’s just how you are…

always seeing the best,

looking at the world with your bright eyes.



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today here in the US, and as I no longer have my Dad here with me, I’ve spent the morning looking through photographs of him… Shedding a few tears, but also smiling to myself, just as it often is when reminiscing… So many precious memories stored up inside the heart.

I’ve gathered some of my favorites from the pictures I looked through this morning, and thought I’d share them.

Some oldies…


This is one of the earliest photos we have of my Dad.  My Mom says he was only a teenager of maybe 17 at the time.  I love the way he is standing on the bumper and leaning against the hood of this old car…

dad teen

And here he is on the back porch of this house when he was over here one day visiting my Mom back when they were dating.  He looks so handsome, my Dad had such a great smile…

dad porch

Another one with his shirt off, I call this one his Superman picture.  I wish we had a better copy of it, it’s so worn and wrinkled, my Mom carried it in her wallet, I think.  I can see why… yowza!

Can't hurt steel

And I adore this one of my parents having dinner here at the house after they got married…

mom & dad


But as much as I love those old pictures of my Dad, these are how I remember him…

I know I’ve shared this before, it’s my all-time favorite picture of him from a day we all spent up at Lake Superior.  That’s my daughter in the background, just a little one back then, precious memories of a lovely day…


And I’m sure I’ve shared this one before too, it’s another one of my favorites because I love how his hair matches the snow.  His hair started turning white when he was pretty young (you can see streaks of it in the Superman photo).  Gosh, my Dad had such a gorgeous head of hair…


And here’s my Dad out in front of our house on his bicycle.  He loved riding his bike, and rode it nearly every day when weather permitted…


And when he wasn’t out riding his bike he was relaxing in his chair…


This next photo of my Dad with my Daughter at her graduation in 2010 is so very precious to me.  Although, it also makes me a bit sad too, because it clearly shows his health was declining.  My dad was such a wonderful Grandpa to my daughter, always there through all the special moments in her life.

Rach & Dad grad

This one makes me sad too because he’s waving, it makes my heart ache, wish I could give him a hug.  I miss you Papa, hope I see you again one day…


May the angels watch over you until then…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Lady in Blue


Lovely lady adorned in blue

how gracefully your petals unfurl

Empress of the garden reigning in beauty

the embodiment of elegance.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1