Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today here in the US, and as I no longer have my Dad here with me, I’ve spent the morning looking through photographs of him… Shedding a few tears, but also smiling to myself, just as it often is when reminiscing… So many precious memories stored up inside the heart.

I’ve gathered some of my favorites from the pictures I looked through this morning, and thought I’d share them.

Some oldies…


This is one of the earliest photos we have of my Dad.  My Mom says he was only a teenager of maybe 17 at the time.  I love the way he is standing on the bumper and leaning against the hood of this old car…

dad teen

And here he is on the back porch of this house when he was over here one day visiting my Mom back when they were dating.  He looks so handsome, my Dad had such a great smile…

dad porch

Another one with his shirt off, I call this one his Superman picture.  I wish we had a better copy of it, it’s so worn and wrinkled, my Mom carried it in her wallet, I think.  I can see why… yowza!

Can't hurt steel

And I adore this one of my parents having dinner here at the house after they got married…

mom & dad


But as much as I love those old pictures of my Dad, these are how I remember him…

I know I’ve shared this before, it’s my all-time favorite picture of him from a day we all spent up at Lake Superior.  That’s my daughter in the background, just a little one back then, precious memories of a lovely day…


And I’m sure I’ve shared this one before too, it’s another one of my favorites because I love how his hair matches the snow.  His hair started turning white when he was pretty young (you can see streaks of it in the Superman photo).  Gosh, my Dad had such a gorgeous head of hair…


And here’s my Dad out in front of our house on his bicycle.  He loved riding his bike, and rode it nearly every day when weather permitted…


And when he wasn’t out riding his bike he was relaxing in his chair…


This next photo of my Dad with my Daughter at her graduation in 2010 is so very precious to me.  Although, it also makes me a bit sad too, because it clearly shows his health was declining.  My dad was such a wonderful Grandpa to my daughter, always there through all the special moments in her life.

Rach & Dad grad

This one makes me sad too because he’s waving, it makes my heart ache, wish I could give him a hug.  I miss you Papa, hope I see you again one day…


May the angels watch over you until then…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


22 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Great pictures and a wonderful way of commemorating your father on Father’s Day.


  2. What a lovely post. I too have lost my Dad and today brought up a lot of emotions I miss him every single day.

    Your Dad was indeed very handsome he and your Mum look perfect together. That the thing I love about photographs they capture wonderful memories.


    • Thanks Karen. So sorry to hear you’ve lost your Dad too. We miss them every day, but holidays and special occasions really magnify that sense of loss don’t they? Sending warmest condolences your way. ❤
      My parents did look great together, thanks for saying so and I will let my Mom know you said that, she'll love that. 🙂 They were together 52 1/2 years.
      I agree completely with what you say about photographs, I'm so grateful I have all of these pictures to look at.


  3. Julie, this brought more than a tear to my eye. What a handsome man your father was and such a kind face. Lovely memories.
    This is my first Father’s Day without my father, sad but wonderful memories too.


    • Thank you Lorna, I really miss that handsome, kind face, and some days are harder than others.
      So sorry to hear that you no longer have your father here with you either, all of those “firsts” are especially difficult, my heart goes out to you.
      Hoping you find solace in those wonderful, precious memories of him.
      Sending hugs and much love over there to you… ❤


  4. This is a beautiful post, remembrance and tribute to your father. How nice that you have the photos and memories.


  5. Your cousin Karen

    Precious memories, for sure, Julie! Nice you took the special time to honor him in this way.





  7. I just now had the time to read this and I have tears and a huge lump in my throat. Some day this will be my story. My Dad is slowly declining in health right now. Thank you for this precious story. Love, Amy


  8. What great photos, he looks both strong and happy throughout! It is a wonderful tribute to your Dad.


  9. These brought tears to my eyes. I’m sorry you lost your dad…and glad that you have these wonderful pictures of him. This is such a lovely tribute to your father. Hugs to you, Jewels.


    • I’m so glad I have them too! I really love looking at those old ones, the one of him with that old car is so cool! But of course the ones that have my own memories attached to them mean the most. ❤ Thanks so much, Trisha!


  10. So moving to see these photos of your Dad Julie – lots of love xxx


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