Thundery Thursday

I awoke to the sound of thunder this morning.  Other than going to sleep to the sound of thunder, waking up to it is the next best thing, and I’m absolutely loving it!  ❤

It’s especially wonderful when one can still have the windows open during it all and get the full effect of all the sounds, and smells too.  😀

Well, on a rainy morning such as this, it seems like the perfect time to share a little update on my garden.  Everything is doing really well and I’m so delighted…


The peonies are nearing the end of their bloom time now, and especially after this heavy rain, I’m sure they’ll be completely done the next time I go out.  I wasn’t able to get a decent shot of them, because the lighting was never quite right whenever I thought of taking photos of them, but this one turned out nicely.  Even though it’s not completely opened yet…


These are right near our back door (which is the door we use most frequently) and the smell has been so lovely as we’re coming and going.

Another lovely going on in the garden are the irises.  I know I already shared a photo of them in a previous post, but I really like this one I took after the rain the other day…


Their pastel shade of bluish purple along with that touch of yellow captivates me!

And the bright yellow of whatever these are, charms me as well…


Is there any color more cheerful than yellow?!


My veggies are all growing great as well, but I haven’t taken many pictures of them.  I did snap this of my carrots though…


Is it just me, or do these look like totally happy little plants?!   🙂

And I also have this one of my beans…


No longer with only two little outstretched arms like I posted last time.  Soon they’ll be getting little blooms, and then beans, I can’t wait!

And speaking of little blooms, my jalapeno peppers have some…


Can’t wait to eat these either!

And already well into blooming ~ my tomatoes have tomatoes


These are a new variety I haven’t grown before, so I hope they do well as they continue to develop.  And that the squirrels leave them alone.


The squirrels seem to have calmed down with all of their digging around for buried treasure in my garden.  I haven’t seen them much at all lately, I’m not sure why, but we have bunnies everywhere!  I happened to capture this shot the other day as one was hopping around in the yard.  I love bunnies!  ❤


And they can’t reach any of my veggies in my high raised bed, so they’re welcome visitors to me!  😀


The bunnies are probably taking cover in their burrows in this thunderstorm, my kitty has ran in fear and hid under the bed several times already this morning.  But not me… I’m relishing every moment of this thundery Thursday!

Hope you’re enjoying your day too.  Peace and love to you…


~Gardening is my therapy~



25 responses to “Thundery Thursday

  1. Lovely photos and journey through your garden. I just wandered through my garden taking photos this morning too!


    • Thanks, Brad! That sounds lovely, the morning is my favorite time of day to be out in the garden. Of course this morning (and all day) my garden was too wet to enjoy, but I’m sure my plants have enjoyed all the rain! 🙂


  2. Great shots. The bunny one is my favorite.


    • Thanks! I was really excited to catch that bunny photo, they’re usually hopping around all twitterpated, and won’t stay still long enough for me to take their picture.


  3. I also love thunder. 🙂 Such beautiful photos with lovely vibrant colors! You’ve got a wonderful garden Julie!


  4. “I woke up last night to the sound of thunder, how far off I sat and wondered. Started humming a song from 1962, oh its funny how the night moves.”
    The start of your post reminded me of that old song by Bob Seger, ” Night Moves”, I love that song because I too like that sound of thunder and find it comforting.

    My favorite flower is the peonies and yours are looking gorgeous, can’t wait until we move to the farm and get some started. Everything is looking good and a good post Julie and thanks for your encouraging words on my site.


    • I haven’t heard that song in forever! I really did wake up last night to the sound of thunder, around 3 a.m. and I had to get up and make sure it wasn’t raining in the windows. It is a comforting sound, which is odd because thunder usually indicates severe weather. 😉
      I really like peonies too, and they make a lovely fresh-cut flower arrangement, but I don’t like bringing them inside because of the ants. They smell so good though. Not too much longer until you can move to the farm, it’s so exciting, and everything is coming along so nicely. 🙂
      Thanks so much Gordon! And of course, you’re welcome for the encouraging words, I’m so glad the news was good!


  5. Those colors are so gorgeous! Nothing like a little cloud cover to make really beautiful pix (and nothing like a little rain to help those veggies!!!) PS, I noticed that about the squirrels, too. Unfortunately, they’ve moved from the beds and on to the baby corn and pumpkins. Sigh. 😉


    • Thanks so much, Lori! Yes, the rain water really does do wonders for the veggies, so much better than the garden hose. And they love the thunder too! 😉
      Sorry to hear those little rascals are up to mischief now in your baby corn and pumpkins. :/


  6. Love the color of that Iris!


  7. Your garden is beautiful! Oh, the bunny…so cute.


  8. Everything in your garden is looking so good. The carrots do look like happy little plants! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your thundery day. We are having a breezy evening and I’m loving listening to the leaves dance. I love the bunny! They are abundant in the open areas of my neighborhood this year but they are wise enough to stay clear of my house. Trouble and Scooby are quite the killers. 😦


    • Thanks Trisha! I so did enjoy my thundery day, we had a short break from the thunder around mid-day, but otherwise it rained all day. There was flooding here in some areas though, and when I went out to check on my garden, it was looking really, really wet, and my happy little carrots got a bit plastered down. :/ I haven’t been out to the garden yet this morning, but hopefully everything is still alright out there.
      Ah, a breezy evening listening to the rustling of the leaves sounds lovely too.
      The bunnies have been boinging all over the place around here, they’re so much fun to watch, I do worry about them though, and the squirrels, there’s a lot of traffic on my street. Trouble and Scooby ~ protectors of the realm! 😉 They sound like great hunters (just doing what’s in their nature), but it’s so sad when other little creatures die, I always hated when my cats brought me their kills. The kitties I have now are strictly indoor cats, so they can only look out the window and dream of murdering other defenseless animals…


  9. Crooked Tracks

    Hope you didn’t get flooded.


  10. I love the detail and the color that you capture in your photos. You really seem to capture the joy of life.


  11. Hi Julie! Thanks for thinking about me! After reading this post, I also realize that I have missed your wonderful photographs and just how connected you are to nature. I’ve been fine and busy with my other sites. You might be interested in one of them There is another that probably isn’t up your street, and I’m still completing yet another. I hope everything is going well with you too. Keep well, and email me once in a while! Its lovely to hear from you. Lots of love.


    • Hi Yaz, so wonderful to hear from you! ❤ Sounds like you've been busy, glad you're you're doing alright. I do think about you from time to time, and miss you here on Word Press. I will definitely check out the link you posted for your other site, and hey don't be so sure that the other one isn't up my street… you just never know. 😉 I'd love to check that one out as well.
      I've been doing alright, same ol stuff ~ gardening, helping fix up my Mom's house, being in awe of the universe, you know, the usual. 😀
      Lots of love to you too, Yaz! xo


  12. The rain is bringing things along beautifully Julie. So lovely to see the tomatoes esepcially! 🙂 xx


    • We’ve had a LOT of rain, and my garden is growing so wonderfully! There’s quite a few tomatoes on the vine, I just hope we’re the ones who get to enjoy them instead of those naughty squirrels. 😉 xx


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