Fallen Stars


Lovely little golden stars

having fallen from their flowery constellation

 now grace the earth with their celestial beauty.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




The Yellow Loosestrife has been at its peak here for the past several days and it’s absolutely gorgeous!


In bright golden yellow, with its tall flowering stalks, that are covered with masses of little individually star shaped blossoms, it’s just so stunning!


We had a heavy rain and some strong winds come through a few days ago that knocked quite a few of those blossoms onto the ground.  Unfortunate, but it made for a lovely display of fallen stars on the ground, and there are still plenty of them on the stalks to enjoy.



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

24 responses to “Fallen Stars

  1. I love those cute yellow stars and I love that poem you wrote!! 🙂 It is so sweet and Fairy-like! 🙂


  2. Lovely photos – the flowers really do look like fallen stars – and a wonderful poem. Beautiful!


  3. Jewels .. this is such a beautiful flowering plant that I do not know, but the flowers on the ground are a sight to see… beautiful…


  4. Lovely flowers and poem!


  5. OH, these flowers are so beautiful!!! My neighbor had some like these as well, but I don’t think they were the same. They actually smelled like onions, believe it or not. I did take photos of them, of course. Great images, Julie, and I love your little poem. Love, Amy


    • Onions?! I love onions, but not as a scent for a flowering plant. I haven’t noticed much of a fragrance coming from these, but I’m fairly certain it’s not oniony, I’ll have to go out and and take a sniff of them. 😉
      Thanks Amy, hope you have a beautiful day!


  6. Hi Julie, I love the photos and your poem! Thank you for stopping by and following Find Your Middle Ground. I look forward to connecting more and sharing some garden treasures and wisdom 🙂
    p.s. be careful of that loosestrife … it can take over! But it is so pretty 😉


    • Hi there Val, thanks so much! And it was my pleasure stopping by your blog today, you have a lovely place over there! 🙂
      Oh gosh yes… I know all about the Loosestrife’s loose habits. 😉 I’ve been yanking it out left and right as it spreads to unwanted areas. It’s a very persistent plant though and it’s been a bit of a ‘loose-ing’ battle, so I’m probably going to need to move it somewhere else eventually, but it really is so pretty!


      • You sound like me trying to convince my hubby that invasives are okay. I have the purple one as well … 😉
        Agreed – It can be a loose-ing battle sometimes!
        Wouldn’t they perfect in a meadow 🙂


  7. Julie, such a delightful little poem to accompany these precious gifts of nature. Yes, they look exactly like stars fallen from the sky. Lovely.


  8. Fallen stars, how appropriate. The photos are wonderful, I love how you used the elements in the photo to make your subject pop.


  9. Lovely photos, lovely way to look at them!


  10. So that’s what those yellow flowers are! There are some on one of our nature trails but I didn’t know what they were. I must say, yours are much prettier, even as fallen stars!


    • I bet they’d look lovely growing along a nature trail. I don’t know how common they are, at least around here, because I haven’t really noticed them growing anywhere. They’re so bright and cheerful I would think more people would grow them, but they do have an invasive habit so maybe people don’t want to bother with them because of that. I love having them! 🙂


  11. Hello, my name is Quyen Le, and I love gardening. I have this kind of plant in my garden and I have been searching for its name for years. At first, I thought it was Evening Primrose. But I wasn’t quite convinced because the plant does not look exactly like it. Now I have found its name and am quite sure somebody must have found it too. And here, I would like to share it s name with you. It’s called Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata). I don’t think you can get these anywhere at the nurseries. If you are lucky enough to know someone who has them in their backyard and ask, they may share them with you! Good luck!


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