I’m Having Babies!

Well, technically… my garden is having babies, but it’s kinda like I’m having them too.  😉

I’m so very pleased at how wonderfully my garden is growing, and every day when I go out there, I find more and more little surprises.


For instance, this morning I found dozens of little tiny baby beans developing!  I swear they just got their first blooms the other day, and already they’re growing into beans!


Aren’t they cute!?  They’re’ so teeny!  😀

And such a pretty plant too.  I really like the variegated look of the foliage on this variety of beans that I planted this year, it’s so pretty against the white blossoms.


And all of those pretty white blossoms are gonna be pretty green beans to eat!

My jalapeno plant is having babies too…


As are my cucumbers…


There are tons of little baby cukes developing like crazy out there!  Maybe I’ll get enough to can some pickles this year.  If I don’t end up sharing half of them with the squirrels.

One thing I always have enough of are zucchini.  And that is just fine by me!  Some gardeners complain of having an over abundance of zucchini, but I could never tire of eating it, and it’s fun coming up with different recipes to use them in.   Although it isn’t having any babies just yet, I noticed this giant flower blooming underneath my plant this morning, so it won’t be long…


 Also blooming are my peas…


Unfortunately, my peas are the only things that aren’t doing very well, so I don’t know how many babies they’ll be having.  I’ve had to resow them a couple of times now and they still seem to be struggling.  Peas are one of my favorites, they’re just the cutest little plants and they give me such joy, not to mention the fresh sweet peas they produce for me to munch on, so I’m a bit disappointed they’re not doing well.  Hopefully this last group of them I planted will do better.  If not, a trip to the farmer’s market will definitely be in order…  I gotta have my fresh peas while they’re in season.

Also best enjoyed while in season are strawberries…


These lovelies are an ever-bearing variety, but they’re nearing the end of their springtime prime, so all of their berries are little baby ones now.

Even the bugs in the garden are having babies.  Or soon will be.   I can’t tell for certain, but I’m pretty sure these two hoverflies are copulating…


Wish I was.  Oops, did I write that in my outside voice?  😀


Must be from all this talk about having babies.


I caught this couple out frolicking in the yard a while back, I bet they’re having babies too.  Because, well, you know how bunnies are.



And with all the rain we’ve had, even my potting bench is having babies.  Well, sort of…


This little baby is pretty cool, I’m so amazed at how fungi grows.  There is another one growing right next to him, but it was too small to capture with my camera, makes me wish I had one of those fancy macro lenses to photograph it with, but I’m thankful for the one I’ve got.


And I’m thankful for all the babies that I’ve got too!  Gardening is so rewarding!

Peace & Love to you today…


~Gardening is my therapy~



33 responses to “I’m Having Babies!

  1. I really like that fungus picture!


  2. Pleasant to start the day with these colorful pics. 🙂


  3. Congratulations Momma!


  4. Such cute babies!


  5. Fun tromp through your garden and mind. Be careful with all this baby & procreation talk. 🙂


  6. Are you feeling a little broody???? Sure sounds like it…. I love that your garden is in full production… brilliant…


  7. I’m discovering in my gardens too, Julie. LOVE this image and great post! Thank you. Love, Amy


  8. We should have a shower for you….great post🙋🙋


    • That would be a blast! Of course my garden babies have already had a shower ~ multiple ones in fact. We’ve had so much rain! 😉
      Thanks so much Curious Gal!


  9. I loved this! Your garden is beautiful, Julie.


  10. SQUEEE! Both of our jalapenos and cucumbers are having babies! 🙂 Haha. I’m glad your garden is doing well!


  11. Congrats on all the babies! Those little beans are so adorable! I’m envious of all your veggies – I have none. I have lemon balm babies though, which I have to thin out because they’re taking over everything. We also have some baby crows hanging around and they are completely obnoxious! I hope the baby bunnies pay you a visit once they’re out and about so we can see pictures. 🙂


    • Thanks Trisha! Oh, I would love some lemon balm babies, mine isn’t doing much in its pot, I think it would be happier in the ground, but I don’t have a place for it. Haha I can see baby crows being obnoxious! Rachael loves crows and would be delighted to have them though. I know… I would love some baby bunnies!!! I don’t know if you knew this, but we raised rabbits for about ten years. Wrote about it here… https://ramblingsfromjewels.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/bunnies-and-duckies-and-chicks-oh-my/ I miss it so much, and have thought about getting a bunny now that we’re settled at my Mom’s, probably not this year though.


  12. Lovely to see the fruits of your labours and I also laughed at your little ‘outside voice!’ Happy 4th July, Julie, and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Love to you xxxx


    • It’s so wonderful that everything is growing so well in my garden this year, and I’m really thankful! Hopefully it continues and I can eat some of these babies. Oh wait… that didn’t sound quite right did it? 😉
      I’m so glad my ‘outside voice’ made you laugh! It sincerely makes me happy to bring joy or laughter to others, and especially to dear people like you! ❤
      Thanks so much Ruth, we have a typical 4th of July barbeque with family planned for today, and hopefully some fireworks for later tonight. I love fireworks! Hope you have a lovely weekend too, my friend. Be well and much love! xx


  13. This message was so filled with the wonderment of babies in the garden, amongst the animals (bunnies!) and the sprouts everywhere in the world. It made me smile broadly and I hope your inner wishes come to fruition, too! Smiles, Robin


    • I’m so glad it made you smile, Robin, I’m really happy about all my little babies in the garden! 🙂 And thanks, I hope those ‘inner wishes’ come to fruition too, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon. 😉


  14. Sorry about your Sweet Peas – mind seem to be doing fine so far – plagued with aphids last year though 😥 We’ll see what happens . . .


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