The Start of Something Beautiful


This could be the start of something beautiful

as with a bud about to bloom

releasing the glorious scent of love.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014





I was so pleased to notice yesterday that the phlox in the flower bed are just beginning to bloom ~ definitely the start of something beautiful!  😀


May your day be filled with beauty, and with…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


21 responses to “The Start of Something Beautiful

  1. Peace and love Jules.


  2. Clever title and start to your poem and my day. Thanks Julie! 🙂


  3. Beautiful colour hope you’re having a good weekend. Not been around much of late very much catching up with all my favourite blogs.


    • Hi Karen, thanks so much! Hope you’re having a nice weekend too. I’ve noticed you haven’t been around around much, hope all is going well in your world. ❤ I feel honored that my blog is one of your favorites! 🙂


  4. Beautiful Jules. And peace and love to you too.


  5. Lovely photo of a lovely flower…


  6. Awesome Julie! I hold my breath when the phlox start to come out around here – its so hot and humid. I hope mildew doesn’t stunt them in their glory! One plant is doing well … the other is in limbo!
    So full of promise.
    Val x


    • Thanks Val! Phlox is so lovely! I’m looking forward to the ones we have planted on the side of the house blooming because they’re right underneath a window and the smell that comes in is so wonderful! I know what you mean about the mildew, they’re so susceptible to that in the hot, humid weather. Hope yours fare well! 🙂


  7. So lovely to see this phlox Julie as we seemed to lose ours this year – maybe because of the wet winter. Great to see yours, though, and catch up with you today and pop by for a visit! Lots of love xx


    • Sorry to hear you seemed to lose yours this year, the ones we have on the other side of the house seem later than usual, probably due to our late spring, and I’m hoping they’ll still do well, because they’re such a delight. It’s also a delight to have to pop by for a visit! 😀 I think of you often Ruth, and always hope you’re doing alright there. Sending lots of love your way! xx


  8. I just noticed last night that my phlox has stared blooming. My phlox photo didn’t turn out half as lovely as yours though!


    • Funny that our phlox are on the same blooming time table given our difference in climates. 🙂 These ones don’t have very large heads on them, but they’re such a pretty color. I’ll have to try and get out there and snap some more pictures now that they’ve opened a bit more.


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