Almost Touching


 Thirsty for your cool refreshing waters

I reach across the distance between us

longing to touch your beautiful face.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


32 responses to “Almost Touching

  1. I like how the tree is juuuuuust barely not able to touch the stream. He’s trying so hard! Come on little guy, you can do it!


  2. A beautiful thought~


  3. Beautiful picture! So calming!


  4. So beautifully written Julie 🙂


  5. Ha! I took the title to mean ‘almost moving’, which it kind of is because at first you might think the poem is about touching a person who is just out of reach, but then realize it’s about a river.


  6. I needed that poem this morning. How touching and beautiful. It moved my heart and soul. Thank you. 💜💐

    Sent from my iPhone💜Mindi⚡️



  7. Beautiful and touching ode to longing. I hope you connect! XD


  8. Just beauitful and I love he dreamy photo:-)


  9. Oh, this is so so lovely!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Love your use of metaphors.


  11. I love this! Again, you’re making me homesick for my days of living next to a river. But in a good way!


    • I’m so glad you liked it, Trisha! It was such a beautiful little spot I found while out biking along the river the other day, I wish I could have gotten more of what I was seeing into the shot. With all my bike riding along the river there are sure to be more river related photos and stories about it, so I hope you don’t get too homesick. 😉 Funny, I’m “homesick” for your area (even though I never actually lived there), I can’t tell you how many times my daughter and I say to each other while we’re riding by the river how much we want to go to Seattle and be by the ocean. We are wanting to take a little trip up to Lake Superior around my birthday to spend a couple of days up there pretending it’s the ocean, but I’m not sure it’s in the budget, we have Renfest to go to as well before the summer is over. 😀


  12. Absolutely beautiful…words and picture. Just perfect.


  13. Julie, so beautiful. It made me think of the song – Almost There! Andy Williams – hope that you know it 🙂


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