Seeing Double

Just in case it isn’t enough for me to be seeing stars and hearts everywhere lately, now I’m also seeing double…

The other day while out on a bike ride along one of the river trails, my daughter and I saw deer!  Deer are quite common in Minnesota, but I usually associate them with being out in the country, not here in the inner city, so it was really a surprise to see them.  Although, I guess it does make sense for them to be in the area with such a major water source nearby.

As we were riding, we noticed a number of other cyclists that had passed us earlier on the trail had pulled to a stop up ahead, and as we drew nearer we saw what the commotion was all about… a pair of bucks were grazing in a clearing next to the tree line.

It was such a magical moment, something about seeing deer in the ‘wild’ always makes me feel a sort of hush or quietness within me, like I’m witnessing something special.

But the moment didn’t last long, as more and more people accumulated along the trail, the deer became increasingly more nervous.  I had my camera with me, so I took it out and snapped a few photos.  We were quite far away and I had to zoom way in, so the photos I got didn’t turn out with the best quality, but I was still really happy to get them.


From this next angle it really shows their difference in size as well as the development of their antlers, and you can clearly tell it’s an older buck with a younger one.  Father and son perhaps?


In all, I bet it was less than 5 minutes that we all stood there watching them, but it was an amazing 5 minutes.  🙂

We’ve also been seeing a lot of Canadian geese while on our bike rides, and I was seeing double the day I snapped this…


As well as when I was seeing double crows cawing in the treetops…


And double ducks swimming in a pond…


Double bunnies bouncing around in the yard…


Not to mention double Gazanias blooming in one of my pots…


And even seeing double sets of wet footprints on the stairs when I let the dog out after it rained the other day…


Aw, his little paw prints are so cuute!  😀



I guess seeing double isn’t so bad, especially when it’s beautiful things, plus it makes life more interesting.  But having a jingle from an old Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum commercial stuck in my head the whole time I’ve been writing this is a bit annoying.  Don’t click that link unless you want it stuck in your head too.   😉

Have a wonderful day!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


24 responses to “Seeing Double

  1. Now I will be seeing double all day 😀

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  2. Lovely to share your outing Julie. Those Gazanias are just wonderful – the other photos are lovely but they are my favourite! Hope you have a good week! 🙂 xx


  3. Lovely romp through your wilderness adventures Julie. I hope you find more opportunities for double trouble! XD


  4. It’s funny Julie, but for some reason I can’t fathom, I’ve found myself humming this inane tune from a vintage English beer commercial these past couple of days:

    Hariod. ❤


    • Haha that’s got a catchy tune! It’s so amazing to realize all of the random things our brains store down in the deep dark depths of our synapses, isn’t it?! 😉


  5. Hm, I wonder what message the universe is sending you with the doubles of everything? Could be interesting! I love deer and think it’s so cool you saw some in the city like that. I live on the edge of the suburbs with lots of fields and woods not too far off and we still never see deer here. What a gift!


    • Hopefully it means I’ve got double the blessings coming my way! 😉
      It really was a special gift to see those deer! When I lived out in the country I saw them quite a bit, mostly at dusk or at dawn, and it was always such a cool experience, but it was such a surprise to see them here in the city. Hope your week is off to a good start, Trisha!


  6. Well done, I love your theme and the photos you included. The foot prints are really sweet.


  7. This was wonderful! I am bringing my camera Wednesday and see if I can snap any deer. Your photos (all of them!) are just beautiful.


  8. I had an accompaniment of geese on my walk this morning too. It sure makes life enjoyable seeing these creatures.


  9. Clever topic! Really enjoyed these, Jewels!


  10. I got a chuckle out of this! (I definitely did NOT click the Doublemint link!) I think urban deer are the next step up from suburban deer, which have become so common, particularly in the mid-Atlantic states. Fun post!


  11. I saw double monarchs on my ride last week! It was interesting since they were in pairs..Then I came home and they multiplied:-) I have had 4 which is pretty good for not seeing any last year!
    We have deer all over our properties in the city. I have seen them running down the road…It seems odd for them to be in the city:-) but they are surviving between the ravines that connect to the forest preserve or river area
    . I remember when my daughter came inside one day (a few years ago-lol) and said, “There is a buck in our front yard” I thought , what did she say…and then I went outside and he was just standing by my garbage cans-crazy! It was a buck, she was not kidding-lol He was a stunner!
    I thought your photos were pretty good for riding on a bike and catching them on the fly….I am too afraid, I’ll drop my camera on my bike!


    • I’m loving all the Monarchs I’ve been seeing this summer! I was quite shocked to see those deer here in the city, I’ve only been back living down here for about four years, but in all the years I was growing up here I never saw a one. I’m pretty close to downtown Minneapolis, so there’s not much habitat for deer, but I guess in being by the river they’ve found a way to survive despite the busy city. It was a delight to see them, but I’m afraid for them with all the traffic. I almost always have my camera with me wherever I go, even on my bike (in a satchel, of course), it’s gotten a bit banged up, but it’s a pretty old camera anyways so it just adds to its character. 😉

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      • It has become a real problem here in our city,too. They worry about people hitting them with cars. Which has happend. I had one caught in a fence behind my house( neigbhors). It tried to jump the fence and was hanging by it ‘s hoof. It was early this winter and so sad. I could not help it since every time I approached it it would start pulling on it’s hoof attatched at the top of the tall chain link fence. The animal control came out and took a hook to the top of the fence + unhooked the poor thing. It limped off….my neighbor on the street behind said she sees it limping with the others. I have had fawns in my front yard just standing two feet from me and I live near a highway-crazy!


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