Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime


My contribution for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

 I don’t take many photos at night (unless you count the millions of times I’ve tried to capture a picture of the moon) because my camera doesn’t have the settings for it, but I snapped this of my daughter’s dog Teddy with my Mom’s camera one night as he was dozing in the orange glow of a warm fire with us out on the patio…


Teddy recently underwent oral surgery and had to have ten teeth removed from his teeny tiny little yapper.  I’m happy to report that he’s recovering well and is back to being his mischievous little self, but it sure wasn’t a fun ordeal.  For him or for us.  The precious little guy.



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

28 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

  1. Great pic. Warms me. Glad Teddy is ok. It’s hard to watch animals suffering.

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  2. Oh, he is sooooo cuuuuteeee!! 🙂 I am terrified of dentists, so I have full symptahy with him!! 🙂

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  3. The color gives it a great sense of warmth. I’m glad he’s recovering and being mischievous! XD

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  4. This is a lovely photo… the fire light glow makes for good coloured photos…


  5. Yikes – poor thing. He’s adorable.


  6. awwww….good to hear he is okay…we have only 2 dogs and 3 cats now, but when they hurt we hurt…sweetheart:-)


  7. Teddy is just precious! Glad to hear he’s OK. Ten teeth–poor baby.


    • He is such a precious little guy ❤ I know, ten teeth is so many, you have to wonder how many he's got left in that little mouth of his, but good thing he still has all his molars for chewing. 🙂


  8. Aw! All the best! He’s such a cutie 🙂


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  10. Aw, he’s so cute! Poor little guy. I’m glad he’s recovering well from the ordeal.

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  11. What a sweet dog, you captured him so well. I even see that his eyes are moist, poor thing, glad he is all right now 🙂

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  12. Poor little thing – dentists, horrible!! Hope all is well now though. xxx


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