Cozy Caturday


I’m not the only one around here who is getting cozy with all the cold, rainy weather we’ve been having… my daughter happened to leave a drawer open and look who decided to climb in and make herself comfy…


My sweet, pretty, little kitty-girl, Sugar.  She didn’t stay in there very long though, because apparently I disrupted her intentions for a cozy nap with my little photo shoot.  Oops!  I just couldn’t resist… she’s such an adorable subject!  ❤


Have a wonderful, cozy weekend!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


16 responses to “Cozy Caturday

  1. She looks perfectly comfy! It’s funny how any spot can be a nap opportunity!

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  2. What a cutie. She has the most beautiful blue eyes!

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  3. You should do glamour shots for cats. She’s beautiful 🙂 I also like the surrounding objects.

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    • That would be challenging, as cats are not always the best subjects when it comes to trying to make them do anything, most things have to be done on their terms. 😉 I get lucky with taking photos of my Sugar because she’s already such a beautiful cat, she looks pretty no matter what she’s doing. 😀 Thanks so much haylimayli!

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  4. So cute! Scooby likes to make little nests in cozy places like that too. They’re so adorable when they do stuff like that!

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    • They are, I love it! 😀 Sugar is always so inquisitive and wants to be right in the middle of whatever we’re doing, and if she can find a new and interesting place to nap in the process, she’ll take it. All three of our cats have a fascination with closets too, so if ever one is left open for more than a moment or two, they’ll jump in and hide. One time Baby was closed up in the linen closet the entire day because we didn’t see her sneak in there. It wasn’t until we heard faint, disembodied meowing that we searched for her and found her in there. Along with cat hair all over the bath towels. 😉


  5. Cats know exactly where to find cozy!

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  6. The cat sure looks happy…


  7. I am not even really a domestic cat person, but Awwww. Just AWWWWWWW. LOL

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  8. She knows the winter is coming Julie!! She really is so adorable. 🙂


    • She does! 😀 Both of my cats are being extra snuggle bugs with this cooler weather, I certainly won’t be at a loss for cozy companions while I’m enjoying autumn. ❤


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