A Place to Rest


Having been battered and scattered, blown about on gusty winds

tis a relief to finally lay to rest upon calming and gentle waters.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



It’s so interesting to realize the fluctuations that can occur in one’s perspective as life’s various circumstances come about.  I snapped this photo during a lovely moment by the lake while out enjoying some of the beautiful autumn colors, and when I first uploaded it to my computer my thoughts looking at it were quite fanciful… imagining the leaves flying joyful and free on the wind, experiencing the exhilaration as they’re released from their tree’s branches to fly off to see new and wondrous things, before landing in cool refreshing waters and continuing their journey floating happily onto new adventures.

But in looking at it this morning after being smacked in the face last night by some very hurtful words, which resulted in an overwhelming wave of emotions from old wounds reopening, I find myself seeing it quite differently.  One of the leaves being thrashed about in the wind, beaten and battered, rather than flying joyful and free.  I very much prefer the other scenario, don’t you?

But at least the ending is still good… finding calm, gentle waters to land in.  I could have wrote that they drowned afterward, some of the leaves in the photo are sunken.  😉

To be completely honest, I’m not quite there just yet ~ upon the calm, gentle waters.  But I know I will be as I work through it, I’m quite a champ at self pep-talks.  And besides… I’ve got some fun, festive things going on here over the next couple of days that are sure to help lift my spirits too.  I probably shouldn’t even have mentioned any of this stuff.  Oh well, too late now, I’m committed.  Clicking Publish




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

25 responses to “A Place to Rest

  1. I’m sorry someone sent hurtful words your way. You are a beautiful person and don’t deserve that. Big hugs, my friend.

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  2. Lovely photo and journey with the emotional winds of life. Heart felt and real. Maybe the storm has passed and you can settle back into the peace of your inner waters.
    Sending peaceful spells your way! XD

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  3. Thanks for sharing your inner world and this lovely photo. They are both gifts. I am sorry to hear someone hurt your feelings.

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  4. I would encourage you to no longer give this person the power to sway your feelings, and only feel pity that they must use words in a harsh way with no care for their effects.


  5. Thank you for sharing your authentic self Julie and being vulnerable. Finding inner calmness and your middle ground is so important as well as being with those who care.
    Like the leaves that will decay and recycle, we too have to allow ourselves to move through the highs and lows. Give yourself lots of tenderness and compassion.
    Val x

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    • Thanks Val, I always strive to be authentic, but at times I’m a bit reluctant to share certain things, preferring rather to be more positive and uplifting for others (to go through my process privately and then share afterwards), but I was just so acutely aware of that shift in my perspective, that I felt the need to mention it.
      Giving myself lots of tenderness and compassion is exactly what I need to do, thanks for the reminder! xx ❤
      Extra chocolate helps too! 😉


  6. I am so sorry to hear of this incident Julie. What you say in your article is profoundly true though; the world we see about us, or rather the way in which we interpret it, is largely a reflection of our own mental states.

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    • Thank you, Hariod ❤ What happened really caught me off guard and it hurt me so deeply, reopening old wounds, and challenging my sense of self worth. I've had quite a day here sorting myself out in the aftermath and trying to gain a proper perspective. I'm going to do as Val suggested above and give myself lots of tenderness and compassion.
      And chocolate… 😀


  7. Perspective means so much — it’s certainly worth mentioning in a blog! Wishing you lots of calm, gentle waters. 🙂

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  8. Oh, Julie–I’m so sorry about the awful words. I think of those leaves as being guided by the wind from rough water to calm. I hope that for you, too.

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  9. Words can hurt badly, I know, and sometimes what hurts the most (for me) is the fact that the person who says them are capable of saying them, that they have this need inside to dominate and push down, what it tells us is that that person is living from their ego, and that is so sad I feel, because I know how beautiful they could be if they lived from their souls. When people choose to live from ego and hurt other people it is like I can feel God crying in my heart. I hope you will like the post I published today, maybe it can make you feel little better, at least I really really hope so!
    Lots and lots of Love to you!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤

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    • Yes, words really can hurt so badly sometimes. These words weren’t said ‘to’ me, I overheard them being said ‘about’ me, so in some ways that made me feel worse. 😦
      I will go and have a look at your post right now before I head off to bed. I’m sure it will make me feel a little better ~ your posts always do! 🙂
      Thanks so much sweet Trini, lots of love you too! ❤


  10. Sometimes healing comes from sharing…. by sharing the hurt did it not aid in the healing? I hope who ever hurt you gets an itch today that is just out of reach of their hands and arms and may that itch be persistent and constant… and may it last through the weekend…
    Now having set the spells lets get back to your photo and analogy… I love it.. the gentle descent to the trickling waters, the sink or swim trip to a place unknown, what a wonderful thought….

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    • The kind words from my readers did help. And yours… An itch that just out of reach… now that is a terrible spell! Made me smile, thanks so much my friend! ❤


  11. Sending a big hug over to you Julie and I hope that today is a better day. I’ve enjoyed my visit so much today – seeing all your beautiful posts with such vivid colours and lovely words. Much love to you my sweet friend. xxxx


    • Thanks so much Ruth, it is better. 🙂
      It’s always wonderful to have you stop by and I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit. Much love to you too, and big hugs! xx ❤


  12. Hi Julie
    I like the writing that you are full of feelings, although I don’t can completely feel .
    Have a nice day!


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