Squirrely Saturday




I’ve been feeling squirrely lately.  Busy, busy, busy out there gathering nuts, er, I mean putting the garden to bed for the winter.  I swear a gardener’s chores are way more so in the fall than in the spring.  Either that, or it’s because where as spring’s gardening work is filled with excitement, anticipation, and with all of the fun lovely things to look forward to, fall’s is all about saying goodbye to the life giving plants and dreading the impending doom of winter.  Not that winter is necessarily an impending doom to me, I love all the seasons!  Yes… even winter.  In moderation, of course.  😉

I really do enjoy what each season brings though and almost crave the change as they approach.  Fall is my favorite, so I’m always a bit sad to see it end.  Hence my somewhat depressing and melancholy “Nothing Gold Can Stay” post the other day.  And it’s also sad to say goodbye to my garden.  Gardening truly is a therapy for me, tending to the plants, watching them grow, and harvesting them.  But at the same time, there is also something satisfying about putting the garden to bed for the winter, a sense of completion maybe.  And even though it’s sad, it feels good.

My body doesn’t feel quite so good though, it’s a heck of a lot of work being a squirrel, and I’m exhausted!  There are so many nuts to gather and I’m still not done.  Even with having only a tiny garden, I have to pace myself because my poor knees can’t handle much these days.  I wonder… do squirrels have knees?  I’ll have to Google that later.  😉

I still have a few herbs out there that are going strong… my mints, lavender, and rosemary, but with snow in the forecast next week, they too will soon meet their end.  I brought some of them in last year to try and winter them over, but that didn’t really work out too well, so I’m probably just going to let them go.

“Let it go, let it go”  ♪

What can I say… everything reminds me of a song.  And I said I was feeling squirrely.

The actual squirrels have been very busy out there too, I’ve been watching them scamper around in the tree outside my bedroom window, gathering up leaves in their adorable little paws.  Gosh, they’re a delight to watch, so cute!   Hard to photograph though, always on the move.  I’m lucky I even got the shot I shared above, he only paused there for a brief moment.

From what I can see, there are at least five squirrel’s nests in my tree.  Three of them in various places just within the hollow, and a couple that are high up in the branches…


I absolutely loved watching the baby squirrels that nested in my tree last year, but five nests?  Geesh, I really hope I don’t get overrun!  Talk about feeling squirrely…  😀



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


13 responses to “Squirrely Saturday

  1. Look out for the invasion of squirrels Julie! 🙂 Fun post. Thanks for sharing your squirrely views. XD

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  2. Lovely squirrel photo – but yeah five sets of babies sounds a bit much! 🙂


  3. Seriously. Baby squirrels. Nothing could be cuter.

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  4. Cute! That squirrel is adorable…chubby little guy, isn’t he? 🙂

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  5. Our squirrel nests are usually hidden in evergreens so I didn’t know they build multiple nests in one tree. You are in trouble if they fill all those nests with babies! I’m feeling a bit overrun with them myself. I open the door to feed one and four more appear on my deck. Of course they’re all welcome but I’m running out of peanuts awfully fast!

    I was thinking about you last night when I read that the superstorm in the Bering Strait was going to bring snow your way. Is that unusually early? I haven’t been able to bring myself to clean out my gardens yet because so many things are still green but it looks like the superstorm will be sending sunshine and frost our way, so I guess the dying off will begin this week. Fall is such a short season. (Sigh)


    • I may have already mentioned this, but when I was a little girl I used to go to the park with my dad on Sundays to feed the squirrels, it’s a very special childhood memory, but it always kinda freaked me out when so many of them would come up to me at once. I don’t feed the squirrels here, well, unless you count what they steal from my garden. 😉 There are so many of them here in the city that I would definitely be overrun if I fed them on purpose.
      Snow isn’t uncommon here for this time of the year, we’ve even had snow as early as Halloween a time or two that I can remember, but it sounds like the storm system on its way starting tomorrow night could be a major one, 8-12 inches expected! I better get my butt out there tomorrow and finish up all my garden chores!
      I know, fall really is so brief. I didn’t even have the chance to share all the pictures I took… 😉

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  6. Hi Julie
    In the winter, While birds and small animals are hibernating, but there is more time for family together and I feel very warm.
    You have 5 squirrel family accompany, this is wonderful!!!

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  7. Love those squirrels – as you know Julie! I haven’t seen mine for a while, although mum said the evidence is out there – one of her newly planted pots with bulbs has been “investigated!!” xxxx

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    • Haha yes, they are always leaving behind evidence of their “investigating,” the naughty little things, but it’s hard to get too upset with them though, they’re so cute and they’re just doing what they do. 😉 I was thinking of planting some bulbs in the flower bed this fall, it’s been so many years that it could really do with a fresh planting, but I never got the chance to get out there to do it and now there’s a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. Oh well… xx


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