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Autumn Reflections


May my heart reflect the beauty of all my eyes have seen.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014


 And my eyes have seen so much beauty this fall, it’s been such a gorgeous autumn season here!  ❤


But now it’s over, and with a winter storm on its way this evening with 6-16 inches of snow expected, I thought I would share just a couple last photos that I snapped this fall…


This one probably isn’t really any big deal, but I love it because from the angle I snapped it at, it reminds me of an Ent.  I do love me some LOTR!   😀


 And I love how its branches look like arms stretched out, lifted to the sky in praise.


This one is just so colorful with all the leaves scattered there on the ground.  Makes me think of what Hariod said when she commented on one of my posts the other day about how the leaves of her Tulip tree were now “beautifying the ground upon which they fell…” 


And the kitty sitting amongst them is beautiful too!  I actually have several photos I snapped of this sweet little thing, but I’ll spare you from having to look at them all.  😉


So, I guess that’s about all I have.


Farewell fall…


Thank you for all the loveliness.  ❤


Now onto the lovely snow…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

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