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First Snow

I wanted to share this poem I wrote from a couple of years ago.  Although the fresh snow we have here this morning isn’t quite like this describes, I still have that same wonderful, magical feeling.
The first snowfall of the year is always so exciting and has a special way of instilling that sense wonder in me.
May your day be filled with a sense of wonder too, my friends! ❤

✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Ramblings From Jewels

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I slide out from beneath my cozy blankets.

There is an extra chill in the air this morning as I slip on a warm robe to cover my bare skin.

I make my way to the kitchen in anticipation of a hot cup of coffee, carefully maneuvering around the two hungry cats weaving in and out between my ankles.

As my lips take in the first few sips of warm rich liquid, my eyes drift over toward an unexpected, but familiar tint of light coming in through the window.

I venture closer to see and squinting from the brightness, a childlike excitement courses through me ~ freshly fallen snow!

Sparkling like glitter on a magical lake the rays of the rising sun dance over its surface, the extraordinary beauty of it dazzles and delights my senses.

I sigh, profoundly grateful for eyes to see…

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