The Wintry Adventures of Little Snow Pup


Whenever it snows, Little Snow Pup is always on high alert.  For he knows that surely fun and exciting adventures await him on the outside.  So donning his brand new, warm winter coat, he heads out into the white wintry world…



And what he finds makes him very happy!  Little Snow Pup just adores fresh snow, it makes him feel really frisky!

His favorite things are rolling around in it…


All the way around…



And catching snowflakes on his tongue…


He says “Mmm… these snowflakes are so refreshing and delicious!”


Little Snow Pup is a brave dog and ventures out across the snowy tundra, boldly going where no dog has gone before, leaving a trail of paw prints behind him…


One small step for dog, one giant leap for dog-kind



But even though he’s having tons of fun on all his wild adventures of frolicking around in the fresh snow, after a while, Little Snow Pup gets cold and starts to shiver.  He’s just a tiny little fella after all…



And his feet get especially cold, so he wants to be picked up and carried inside.  His human bends down, takes him gently in her arms and says ” Come along then Little Snow Pup, lets go inside and get you all warmed up.  Don’t worry little guy, we’ll come out again another day and have many more wonderful snowy adventures…”


The end.





✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

34 responses to “The Wintry Adventures of Little Snow Pup

  1. Your little snow pup has clearly given you paws for thought Julie.

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  2. My heart is melting! I loved the Adventures of Little Snow Pup! He is absolutely adorable. Stay warm, little guy.

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    • Thanks Loisajay! He’s such a little cutie in his new coat, and he had so much fun in the snow! On a regular basis, I tell him silly stories about himself and the (much exaggerated) adventures he has. He has terrible separation anxiety and my daughter recently bought a pet stroller so he can go places with us. You should have heard the one about the time we brought him to the grocery store and they were cooking bacon for a taste testing! 😉


  3. Aaaaah how cute…

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  4. My heart is melting awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *cuteness overload*

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  5. Wonderfully fun story and photos Julie. Very clever and fun!!! 🙂 Thanks for adding some joy to my day, with the amazing adventures of Little Pup and his well trained humans! XD

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    • Thanks so much Brad, I’m so glad you enjoyed the amazing adventures of Little Snow Pup (and his well trained humans) 😉 And that it added some joy to your day! 😀
      Hope the week ahead will be filled with joy for you too!

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  6. Reminds me of my pm Tuffy! ❤

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  7. Aw he is adorable feeling very jealous I also love snow.


  8. Sweet and adorable. There is nothing as fun as taking a good snow-bath!

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  9. Little Snow Pup is so adorable in his new jacket! I enjoyed reading about his adventures in the snow. Very cute and clever!

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    • Omygosh Trisha when we put his new jacket on him we could barely handle the cuteness! ❤ And he seems to like wearing it too! 🙂 You can't tell, but beneath all that fuzzy fur he's really quite skinny. Ever since his surgery. 😦 But boy does ever love the snow, so we bought him his little jacket to help keep him just a little warmer out there. 🙂


  10. Adorable. Such a cute little guy.

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  11. Oooooh, sooooo cuuuuute!!!!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤ I also want to play with that puppy!!! 🙂

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  12. It’s a doggy snow angel! lol how cute ♥

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  13. Haha, Cute puppy, is not afraid of the cold.

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  14. So, so, so, cute – what else is there to say!! 🙂 🙂

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  15. Snow storms are fun but coming inside a warm home is even more fun! (Esp if there’s hot chocolate there, too!!!)

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    • Like Little Snow Pup, I love being outside while it’s snowing, especially in the light, gentle type of snowfall, it has a magical feel! But it is indeed always nice to come inside to get warm afterward (yes.. especially if there’s hot chocolate)! 🙂


  16. Awww – what sweet shots.


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