No Electricity Required


Let the light shine through you

and illuminate the world with beautiful color

No electricity required.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



We decided to hang some green Christmas lights on our rhododendron bush out on the corner in the front of the house, and the other morning as I was pulling up to the house after dropping my Mom off at an appointment, I noticed they were all lit up.  No, we hadn’t left them on from the night before, we weren’t even planning to turn them on until after Thanksgiving.  They were being lit up by the sunlight!  And gosh it was pretty!  I tried to take a picture of the entire sparkly spectacle, but I couldn’t quite catch them from the right angle unless I got up close.

As I was snapping, I was thinking of how fun it was to see them lit in the daytime, and that I didn’t have rely on electricity to enjoy their beautiful color, all it took was looking at them from the proper angle and perspective to see their colorful light.

Much like the light in our own lives, sometimes we can’t see it unless we’re looking at it from the proper perspective.

And of course, having a little bit of sunlight beaming on you helps a great deal too.  😉


I hope life is bright and sunny wherever you are, and filled with beautiful color!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

22 responses to “No Electricity Required

  1. Thank you Julie for brightening my day .. without electricity!
    Val x

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  2. A lovely sight without electricity…. lovely

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  3. Clever Julie, and a good reminder that we don’t need outside sources to shine, though a little sunshine from friends does help. 🙂

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  4. You are a bright spot always, Julie. This is so wonderful!

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  5. So pretty — thanks for sharing a post beaming with sunlight! 🙂 And yes, perspective always makes a huge difference.

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  6. Such a beautiful reminder to take time to appreciate all the simple wonders around us. You’re so right that sunshine beaming on us helps a great deal!

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    • I love the sun! 😀 It’s just starting to come up at this moment as I’m replying, and it’s a lovely sunrise. Bitterly cold out there though… -10 windchill, but it’s making for some pretty frost formations on my windows. 😉
      Hope you have a great week Trisha! ❤


  7. It feels good to be caught up!
    I’m relieved that sometimes beautiful sights don’t reveal themselves in your lens, too. I can only imagine how pretty it was, but this photo is still a pretty one, with the sunlight right behind the bulb.

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    • Whew! 😉 Thanks so much for taking the time to catch up and read all of my November posts Joey, it’s great to see you again, and I’m so glad you survived NaNoWriMo! 😀


  8. Such a pretty shot, Julie and great wisdom too. Much love to you and I hope that your week is a good one. xxxx

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  9. Sunshine has a wonderful way of making everything sunny and bright. 🙂

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  10. What a pretty shot!

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