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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

So many things come to mind when thinking of the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten. 

Mostly I think of my Papa, as this past Friday would have been his 86th birthday.  He passed away in 2011, and I miss him more than I can say.  But in all the photos we have of him, I wouldn’t begin to know or remember which ones may have been taken by me.

I also think about my dog, Junior.  He was such a good boy.  I had him for 16 years, and he was the best little companion to me, such a wonderful, loving, and loyal soul.

I think about my garden too.  Gone now are the lovely blooms and delicious fruits, of which I have zillions of photos, so they are definitely “not forgotten.”

But what I would like to share for this challenge is this photo I snapped of my daughter when she was working on a CD cover for her music…

Cover 2 Edited


One of the reasons it comes to mind, is because one of the titles on that CD is called “Not Forgotten.”  It’s such a lovely piece of music and fills me with so many emotions and memories of things “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

Have a listen to it if you’d like.  You may need to adjust the volume on your listening device, as it’s recorded at a rather low volume…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Snow Art

So beautiful, creative and unique, like crop circles in the snow!   😉
I’m a huge fan of #14…


‘Snow artist’ Simon Beck creates the most amazing temporary artworks using just a compass, string, measuring tape and a pair of snowshoes. Beck graduated in Engineering from Oxford University but decided later on to leave his office job in order to become a cartographer.

In December 2004 after a day of skiing, he got the idea to draw a star on the small frozen lake in front of his place. His sense for orientation in combination with his passion for outdoor and physical activities inspired him to complete a snow creation. The day after, looking down from the ski lift; he was impressed by the result. After the next snowfall, he repeated the exercise by creating an even more complex drawing. For Simon, a new passion was born.

Beck’s creations have garnered him hundreds of thousands of fans online. His Facebook page boasts over 280,000 Likes and he has just…

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